Chapter 8

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Rudraksh's POV:

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Rudraksh's POV:

"Kabir return my phone right now!" I demanded while chasing behind him

"Bhai bs 1 minute" He requested standing behind the couch

I snatched my phone from him

"Bhai 10 second aur ruk jate..itni kya jaldi hai?" Kabir said and ran out

"I need to check my phone quickly" I thought

"That bastard had sent a text to Shivi" I mumbled while panicking

"Biwi when will you return? I'm missing you"


I heard knocking on the door, I looked up he is my new PA, Saurabh

"Come in"

"Sir we need to leave for New York in an hour it's urgent, Mr Sahay who was handling our New York has decided to leave the company suddenly without any explanation" He said

"Okay get the things ready we are leaving in an hour and ask Kabir to pick Shivanya up" I said

"Okay sir" He left

"I should inform at home about this" I thought calling dad


"Yes Rudra" Dad replied

I explained to him about Mr. Sahay thing thoroughly

"You need to leave Rudra quickly" Dad said

"Yes dad I'm leaving with Saurav in an hour" I informed him

"And dad" I said

"Yes son"

"Dad I have asked Kabir to pick Shivanya up" I informed


"Anything else?" Dad asked

"Dad can you ask mom to pack my stuff for at least a week and send it to office..that's it"


Dad disconnected the call

No matter how big and successful Rudraksh becomes his father will always be the superior one.. Hanging up on your parents without asking if there is anything else does seem like disrespect in my opinion)

"Should I inform Shivi too?" I thought

I'm in no face to face her right now after what Kabir has texted her from my phone

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