Chapter 7

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Shivanya's POV:

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Shivanya's POV:

We both sat in the car as he is going to drop me at my parents

"Put on your seatbelt Mrs. Shivanya Rajput" He said looking forwards

"Sure and It's Shivanya Rudraksh Rajput" I replied

"Oh is it ? " He questioned looking at me

"Yes" I replied while putting on the seatbelt

He stopped me in the middle of putting my seatbelt on

"What?" I asked..being confused

"Let me do it for you as you're mine" He said coming closer towards me to reach the seat belt

"When did I say that I'm yours?" I asked looking at him

"When you said you're Shivanya Rudraksh Rajput" He said making a strong eye contact with me

"Is he trying to intimidate me ? " I thought to myself

"That doesn't mean I'm yours ! "  I replied not looking intimidated by him

"You're mine Shivi, there is no point arguing on that" He said coming a bit more close

His warm breath is fanning over my face,.. he is that much close to me right now

"Aren't you getting late ?" I said but my voice came out as an whisper

"The CEO is never late SHIVI" He replied not breaking the eye contact

"B- but" I was going to say something but he started speaking

"There is no BUT between us Shivi" He said

"You should start the car I'm missing maa-papa" I tried to change the topic

"You're right let's go, your seatbelt is done too" He said starting the car

"Finally, the topic changed" I mumbled to myself

"By the way nice try to change the topic" He said while driving and looking forwards

"Shit! He knows..Is he a mind reader or What ?" I mumbled to myself again

"I'm not a mind reader for anyone else but definitely for you, I can be" He said turning his heads towards me for a while

"Wait.. Are you still doing a prank of yours the Aksh-1 & Shivi-0 one ?" I asked him seriously

"I'm not doing any prank or competition right now Shivi" He said calmly ruffling my hairs a little

"Stop ruining my hair Aksh" I said setting my hair back

The conversation went on for sometime..we can't even name it conversation as he was basically teasing me all the time 😏

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