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"YES MOM, I'M SURE VISITING SCHMIDT IN COLLEGE WILL MAKE THEM WANT ME TOO." Amelia said sarcastically, reassuring her mom who wouldn't let her off the phone since she landed in California.

"Yes mom." She teased, rolling her eyes as she looked up at her brothers college dom building

"I will." She mumbled, now walking inside as her mom rambled on the phone.

"Mom no I...goodbye Reggie." She rolled her eyes again. "I'm not kissing the dog through the phone mom. Mom, i, oh no, the taxis where, bye!"

"There are no taxis in California!" Her mom yelled through the phone, making her laugh as she knocked on the door of Schmidt's dorm.

"Amelia!" He cheered, running to Amelia's arms excitedly.

"Hey Buddy!" She shouted, hugging him back as she laughed.

"I missed you girl."

"I missed you too." She sighed, pulling out of the hug as she raised her eyebrows at him. "You would not believe the hell mom has put me through. She tried to change my room into Reggie's room again."

"Why didn't she just use my room, I left?" Schmidt asked, causing Amelia to raise a hand, shaking her head.

"That's a wonderful question that I wish I knew the answer to." She said, making Nick, Schmidt's roommate, chuckle from behind them.

"Amelia, this is my roommate Nicholas."

The man from behind Schmidt walked over, a light blush to his face that was covered slightly from his long hair. She chuckled at his appearance, she had seen a few models come into her work place trying to rock the long hair look. Somehow this man managed to both rock and not rock it.

"The names Nick miller, but my friends call me hot nick." He greeted, holding out a hand that Amelia raised an eyebrow at.

"No one calls him that." Schmidt teased, slapping Nick's shoulder as he sighed.

"I think we met the last time I was here..."


"Schmidt! Schmidt, get your ass out here now!" Amelia shouted, not bothering to knock as she stormed into Schmidt's dorm room. Nick was sitting on the couch, watching with a shocked expression as she stormed in.

"Amelia, my dear sister how can I, how can I help you?" Schmidt asked, swear almost forming on his forehead with nerves.

"You, son of a bitch."

"We have the same parents."

"Schmidt! You stole my conditioner and brought it to college with you!" She shouted, making him hide behind nick with fear.

"It makes my hair softer!" He argued, making Amelia shout.

"I'm gonna castrate you!" She yelled, picking up a few of his belongings, threatening to throw them.

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