Chapter 6

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Author's POV:

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Author's POV:

After meeting some of his important clients, Rudraksh pulled Shivanya to the side with him

"Do you have any problem with me? " Rudraksh asked Shivanya

"May I know why you are asking this question?" Shivanya questioned back

"Kyuki baaki sabse toh ap bade achhe se baat karti hai aur mujhse toh baat nhi yudh karti hai aap yudh" Rudraksh replied

(Because you talk sweetly with everyone and with me you don't talk you just start a war)

"You leave my hand first" Shivanya said

"Why? For you to run away?" Rudraksh replied

"I won't run, you leave my hand first" Shivanya said

"No" Rudraksh replied pulling her closer

"I'll shout" She warned him

"I didn't do anything that will make you shout my name yet Shivii" He replied looking making an eye contact and coming more closer

"A- Ap kya kar rahein hai? " Shivanya said stuttering

"Are you nervous?
Is SHIVANYA RUDRAKSH RAJPUT nervous?" Rudraksh whispered in her ear while grabbing her waist

"I- I" She tried to say something

"Rudra one, Shivi Zero" Rudraksh whispered in her ear and left from there

"That brat"

Shivanya was stunned, for the first time Shivanya was stunned


"Bhabhi mom is calling you" Ridhi shouted from behind

"Okay I'm coming" Shivanya replied coming out of her thoughts

"Yes mom you called me" She walked to the place where all her family members were present & then she asked her mother-in-law

"Shivu bache we want you to do a solo dance performance" Her mother-in-law replied

"No mom but next time for sure" Shivanya assured her mother-in-law

"Please" Her whole family and even her friends said in union

"Okay okay stop now you all.. dramebaaz hai sab" Shivanya replied

"I'm going to tell the announcer about bhabhi's performance" Kabir replied leaving from there

"Let's welcome Mrs. Shivanya Rajput, the new bride for a solo performance" The announcer announced

Rudraksh's ears perked up hearing her name.., he turned towards the stage

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