Chapter 4

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Author's POV:

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Author's POV:

After Rudraksh and Kabir's departure to the office

It was almost 4:45 pm

"Bhabhi let's watch something" Ridhi suggested to Shivanya

"Sure sure I would love to" Shivanya replied showing her million dollar smile

"Ridhu set up the Tv till then I'll bring some snacks" Shivanya said

"Okay" Ridhi replied showing this gesture ‘👌🏻’

Shivanya took out some packets of lays, a cold drink and two glasses

Ridhi was also done with setting the Tv up till then

They both sat down on the sofas in front of the Tv

"Ridhu let's watch minions, if you would like to" Shivanya asked for Ridhi's opinion

"I like minions bhabhi let's watch it!!" Ridhi replied excitedly

"You like it right..I knew it. I love it too" Shivanya said patting Ridhi's cheeks

Both Ridhi and Shivanya have been watching minions for like straight 3 hours now and they're still discussing which episode to watch next

Crazy girls Indeed!

It was almost 7:30 Pm now

Kabir arrived inside the house first and went straight to his room

After him Rudraksh came too

Rudraksh heard the laughing and giggling sounds coming from the Tv room

Being the curious cat Rudraksh decided to see who was watching the Tv

He was about to enter the room but stopped near the door frame seeing his wife and sister laughing watching some cartoons

"Cartoons watching cartoons Indeed a match" Rudraksh whispered looking towards them

Ridhi saw his brother leaning on the door frame and decided to leave them alone..hehe

"Bhabhi I'll be back I need to pee hehe it's urgent" Ridhi excused herself from there

But not before winking at her brother and showing him a Thumbs Up

"Pagal ladki" Rudraksh whispered to her

Moving inside the room not making a single sound, Rudra stood behind the sofa on which Shivanya is sitting

"Are you a kid?" Rudraksh said looking towards her leaning on the sofa

Shivanya startled a little and looked behind towards her husband

" Aapse toh achi hi hun " Shivanya replied looking at him..

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