Chapter 1

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It shows to a volcanic region as a small baby pop troll was whimpering, lost and don’t know where he is.

Troll:Wh...where am I?

We then hear rock music playing from one of the home as a hard rock troll was singing and shredding his guitar.


Troll:Huh? *he looks over*

He walks in and see the hard rock troll.

Troll:What trolls are they?

The rock troll heard the baby as he look and see the pop troll.

Rock Troll:Hey you what are you doing here

Troll: ah *hides*

The rock troll goes looking for him.

Rock troll: crap, sorry i didn’t mean to scare you!

The baby troll continued hiding.

Rock troll: hey, i have cupcakes, you want some? *grab a black cupcake* I promise i won’t hurt you

Baby troll:Oh cupcakes! *he said as he gotten out of hiding*

Rock troll: *smiles* come get it

The troll walked over and goes to take it.

Rock trolls: i made it myself, i was gonna give it to my daughter but i can make another

Troll: *takes a bite* wow this tastes great

Rock troll: so what’s your name little guy

Justin:I'm Justin

Thrash: Well Justin, i’m Thrash, king of the hard rock trolls, where’s your parent?

Justin:I...I don't know

Thrash: *frowns* oh, i’m sorry kid…how about you bunk with me and my daughter


Daughter: daddy i’m home!

Thrash:Heya sweetheart

What rushed in was a mass of red hair from a small rock troll who jumps into her dad’s arm.

Thrash:How was your day today?

Daughter: good! *sees Justin* who’s that?

Thrash:Oh this is Justin and he is staying with us

Justin: *blush* hello

Thrash:Justin this my daughter Barbra

Barb: *look away embarrassed* I like being called barb for short

Justin: Well it's nice to meet you

Barb:You too

Thrash:I guess this means you two are now brother and sister

Barb: daddy, i don’t think that would work, i mean we don’t look alike, *beam* how about we be friends!


Barb: come on i wanna show you my guitar! *run to her room*

Justin:Ok! *he followed*

It then fades to show 20 years later as we see as we see a now older Justin. Tuning a guitar of his own as he was hearing the tune was getting better.

 Tuning a guitar of his own as he was hearing the tune was getting better

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