Rough Day

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TW: Wanted to make this piece go further than it did but I feel I've been posting too many things of that content, so I settled for some.... fearful fluff? I don't know what to call this. I'm a bit annoyed that I've kind of adopted a 'same face syndrome' style for my writing.

Synopsis: Your strong, silent husband comes home late after a tough day at work ready to use you as a stress reliever.

TW: Implied arranged/forced marriage, Implied deaths + stalking, general fear, yandere-ish themes

Word Count: 2100

You were once preoccupied by a magazine loosely held between your finger tips, lazily glancing at its contents as you laid on your stomach. But the slam of your front door twisted your attention away from its pages-- the sudden boom making you jump. Your grip tightened, eyes watching the doorway. Sharp, familiar footsteps filled the hall accompanied by the rustling of clothes as your husband stormed in. He flung his suit coat to the bed, Oxfords still clicking against the wooden floor of your shared bedroom. His steps were heavier than ususal; something happened.

"How was your day?" You ask, jerking back to stare at the magazine as if it kept you safe from his wrath.

"Fine," He responded. "It was work."

You avoided his gaze when he began to take off his tie with unusual aggression. flipping a page in the flimsy book in your hands, an advertisement showed floral perfumes while a blog section detailed lists of expensive items celebrities were using now-a-days. You stared blankly at the page, trying to look as natural as possible on the bed.

Your husband huffed and sighed; you would've offered to help him with the tie he seemed so desperate but unable to get off, but your mind told you otherwise. His general aura made you want to curl in a ball under the sheets to avoid it. You always felt he was intimidating --ever since you met him after hearing you were to be married from your parents-- but moments like this were when you were truly nervous.

"Everything go okay with the meeting?"

"Yes. The investors were perfectly--" Your husband tore off his stubborn tie, dramatically throwing it across the floor. "Fine."

The way his teeth clenched and his body tensed, you knew this wasn't just his regular cruddy day at work. You guessed it was something to deal with the business meeting he had been planning for weeks.

Not much could get him worked up, but you knew this meeting was something that drastically affected his behavior depending on how it turned out.

You didn't respond as he finished getting undressed, flipping the magazine page once more, and again pretending to read. You knew it was only a matter of time before he looked to you, but you were trying to hold off on that for as long as possible. You realized even if you tried your usual approaches of wiggling out of his affection, he was too wound up to not pounce on you like a raging animal in heat.

So you bid your time, silently pretending to read and hoping he'd get in the shower before trying to tackle you so you could play the 'fallen asleep' card. Goodness knows you don't have enough energy to take him.

But as you heard his buttons come undone one by one, and his hands began to draw nearer, you knew your time was up. You didn't say a word as he grabbed you by the hips to pull you close, snatching the magazine from your hands to toss it on the floor.

You would've protested, if this was your first time dealing with him. But you knew that never played in your favor. All you could hope for was that he'd be gentler this time; less rough, perhaps with a little bit of thought and rationality in the way he manhandled you.

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