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pushing the girl up off me. i swung my other fist quick - catching her directly in the center of the face before she could leave my reach. "ouuuu shit!" someone out the big group surrounding us yelled, kori's head flying back from the hard impact.

her hand went up instantly to block her face from whatever else coming while she recouped.

"i'm not gonna do you like that, dead homies. come on." i spoke still squaring up yet backing up off her, allowing kori to register that heavy ass blow i sent for minute.

"kori fall in, fall in." her homegirl niy coached from the sidelines.

"she got rings on!" kori put her head down, holding her nose.

"it don't matter, run that fade cuz. you been popping it all on the media cuz. told you i got somebody for you on crip." mani says, pushing me up to her.

i smacked my lips gaining my balance right back from the push. Sliding my rings off my fingers carelessly.

i'm a fair fighter i guess you can say, long as you're not pulling on my hair i'll run you a fair fade.

"mani you weird as fuck omm" kori raised her head, wiping at her nose - blood following behind.

"nari shut this bitch up cuz." he fanned her off. "you wanted to bang so bad right? this yo way in."

"that's cool let beezy find out, dead homies."

"you got marked out cuz, you don't got no dead homies" he shot back.

"she don't wanna fight." i shook my head, catching my breath. locking eyes with the friend. "come on."

she walked up no questions asked, falling in.

throwing my fist the side of her head niy ducked making me miss. sliding me across my lip. damn . leaning back slightly at the next swing coming i popped back up with two fast upper cuts under her chin. knocking her head up.

not thinking i had to block anymore i added to the combo hitting her up in the rib cage. my hair getting snatched up causing my head to go down. niy getting the advantage to start whamming me in the face yet hurled over from that body shot.

pushing my weight onto her i fell right into her fist getting smacked directly in the eye, i shut my left eye up real tight in pain. pushing us forward into the grass and niy fell backwards instantly letting my hair go, allowing me to speedily roll on top of her. going in on her face like she was just doing me.

hands began pulling me up from under my pits. "unt uh! i still want that! this bitch got me in my eyeee broooo!" I kicked my feet, holding my eye.

bitch had my shit throbbing

"You ran your fade, you good." mani strong ass swung me around to his whip, swinging the door open. pushing me inside.

i kissed my teeth getting the door slammed in my face. coming out my black air forces.

hate getting mad, be feeling the heat coming from off my body. didn't make it better that my eye was stinging like it was.

getting up in my seat facing toward the window. i started to throw my set up at everybody still lingering at the front of the school, mani plopping down in the driver's seat. speeding off.


yes nowthatstv inspired me🙄

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