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                                             * KABIR MEHRA*

Kabir Mehra (27years old) is a cold, ruthless and devilishly handsome millionaire in the world. He is the CEO of "MEHRA EMPIRE". He is known as the devil of the business world. But he is a softy for his family, especially for his younger siblings-Karan and Kiara. He has three best buddies whom he trusts the most and call them as "Brothers from another mothers". Neither he has any flings nor he has any past relationships. He is so Dedicated to his work that people call him as a human body with robot mechanism. 


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 "Kabir Mehra~ I don't follow others, I only follow my orders."


> Rajvardhan Mehra(60years)- Father of Kabir, Karan & Kiara and husband of Smriti.

 He is the chairman of the "MEHRA EMPIRE".

> Smriti Mehra (58years) - Mother of Kabir, Karan & Kiara and wife of Rajvardhan.

Runs some orphanages and NGOs

>Karan Mehra(24years) - Younger brother of Kabir. 

 He is the elder twin of Kiara.Working under his elder brother at "MEHRA EMPIRE".

>Kiara Mehra(24years) - Youngest member of the Mehra family.Twin of Karan.       

Treated as a princess because she is the only daughter born after their five generations .

She is a fashion designer in " MEHRA EMPIRE". 

> Arjun Singh ( 27years) - Kabir's childhood bestfriend.They are aka 'diaper buddies'.

> Vihaan Bhatia (27years) - Kabir's bestfriend  as well as Myra's brother. 

He is the CEO of "BHATIA TEXTILES".He met Kabir in his first year of the college.

> Yug Sharma ( 26years) - Kabir's bestfriend. 

He is the younger one in the group and the most playful one. 

He met Kabir during their college days as well as he was his roommate. 

Has a tiny winy crush on Kabir's sister, Kiara.        

> Dhanraj Khanna ( 61years) - Rajvardhan's( Kabir's father) friend. 

 He is the business partner of the "MEHRA  EMPIRE".

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