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It was 8 P.M. The Thanksgiving dinner was set up on the table perfectly. Pepper was taking pictures of everyone sitting down. "Okay, look this way. Look- Giz, look- Giz! Leave Grey alone!"

"Who sat them next to each other?" Tony questioned. "Switch with Peter, bud," he told Grey.

Grey listened, and with a groan, he switched places with Peter. Giz turned to him and opened her mouth menacingly, as if to threaten him with a bite. Peter just pinched her. "Ow!"

"Please just pose, my face is numb from smiling," Mobius said through gritted teeth. Pepper finally took the selfie, smiling as she stood in front of the table.

Everyone sighed as she sat down. As soon as Tony was about to cut the turkey, Pepper raised her hand. "Wait! We are all going to go around the table and say one thing we're grateful for!" she demanded. She went first. "I'm grateful for having all of you lovely people in my life," she said with a smile.

She turned to her husband. Tony took a breath. He turned to look at the kids. "I'm... grateful for the group of teenagers that invade my house every single day."

"I'm grateful for my sister, my girlfriend, and my friends," Remi said with a nod, feeling content with what they said.

"I'm grateful for Remi," was all Wanda said. Remi was more than enough for her. "And Pietro I guess..."

Pietro scoffed. "I'm grateful for my girlfriend Giz, and I guess my weirdo sister too," he threw shade at Wanda. Wanda just shrugged.

"I'm grateful for Grey being moved away from me," Giz announced with a pretentious smile. Grey rolled his eyes. Pepper cleared her throat.

"I'm grateful for the Starks taking me in as one of theirs," Peter said with a nod.

"I'm grateful for having trusting, loving people in my life," was what Grey said. "And Giz is here too, I suppose," he added as he made an ugly face towards her.

"I'm grateful for being invited to all of these little gatherings," Mobius said as he raised his champagne glass.

Loki smiled at the grey-haired man. "I'm grateful for Mobius," he said.

Everyone awe'd. "Wow, he has a heart," Tony poked fun at him. Loki scoffed.

"I'm grateful for the Avengers, my brother, and the little ones!" Thor told everyone, slapping Loki's back forcefully.

"I'm grateful for being part of this wonderful family," Bruce nodded with a smile.

"I'm grateful for this beautiful girl I get to call mine," Maria grabbing Natasha's hand in hers.

"I'm grateful for you," Natasha told her, giving her a playful wink.

"I'm grateful for Steve, my girl friends, and this wine." Peggy swirled her wine glass and chuckled.

Steve smiled at her. "I'm grateful for Peggy, and all of my friends."

"I'm grateful for the food we're about to eat," Bucky shrugged.

"Thank you, dear, I'm grateful for you too," Sam side-eyed Bucky.

"I'm grateful for my children, my beautiful wife, and my hearing aid that I can take off whenever I'm tired of Tony's bullshit," Clint joked.

"I'm grateful for my kids," Laura turned to her two kids next to her (baby Nathaniel was sleeping in another room). "And also my husband."

Lila and Cooper mentioned they were both grateful for their parents.

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