Chapter 2: The Drarkel

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The Unknown Aliens Attack The Village And A Few Sapraxian Warriors Fought Back With Their Swords The Aliens Fought Back With Their Daggers The Sapraxians Fight Back Protecting The Village
Meanwhile Back In The First Village
The Doctor Met With Androvash And His Friends
The Doctor: "Hello I'm The Doctor This Is Tegan And Nyssa"
Androvash: "I'm Androvash And This Is Wyndol"
Vyox Ran Into The First Village With A Terrified Look On His Face
Wyndol: "Vyox What's Wrong?"
Vyox: "We're Under Attack!"
The Doctor: "By Whom?"
Vyox: "These Aliens We've Never Seen Before They Have Light Blue Uniforms And Dark Green Skin And Crimson Eyes"
Androvash: "Alert Jex"
Vyox Runs Off To Alert Jex
Androvash: "Sorry Doctor We'll Have To Continue Our Chat Later"
Androvash Runs Of To Join Wyndol And Vyox The Doctor, Tegan And Nyssa Ran To The Next Village Where They Saw The Aliens Vyox Described
The Doctor: "Stay Here You Two"
The Drarkel Continue Their Assault As The Doctor Sneaks Past The Attacking Aliens As The Sapraxians Continue Their Assault
Jex Was Meditating Near An Old Sevalan Tree He Was The Wisest Saparaxian He Was 200 Years Old He Has His Sword Next To Him It Had The Ancient Symbol Of Yurova On It Who Lead A Revolt Against The Vorlen In 254 He Heard An Explosion He Opened His Eyes To See Several Ships Over Head Firing On The Planet There Were Villages On Fire He Picked Up His Sword Just As Vyox, Wyndol And Androvash Arrived
Vyox: "My Liege We're Under Attack"
Jex: "Yes I Know Vyox I Saw Grab Your Swords Gentlemen"
Jex Runs To The Village With The Three As They Begin Fighting The Drarkel
The Doctor Looked Up At The Sky To See Several Ships Overhead As He Approached The Crashed One

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