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Expect erotic scenes. Hindi na ako maglalagay ng warning unless trigger warning.

Genre: Action-Romance



WHEN THEO ASHER stood gloriously on the platform under the warm and bright lights, something sparked inside her, like a flame burning and burning no matter how hard she tried to put it off.

She just can't pull her mind off his well-defined thick eyebrows and almond eyes that hold a spark of intensity, framed by his long and curly eyelashes. Talagang gustong-gusto niya ang mga mata nito!

Para siya nitong inaakit! At naaakit naman siya!

His charm is a radiating ball of fire that draws her like a moth to a flame. And she knows she's not the only one who's drawn to his presence.

"Fuck. Putangina naman, eh. Bakit ba ang pogi mo?"

She was holding her phone, which flashed the profile picture of Asher, looking at the side with a huge grin on his face. His eyeglasses reflected the warm lights and his sharp jawline was visible, sending a hurricane of emotions to the pit of her stomach.

"Obvious naman. No need to mention that, Gail."

She rolled her eyes upon hearing her older brother's voice—Gian. Wow, nagyayabang na naman ang bwiset.

A chuckle escaped from his lips upon seeing her reaction as he brushed his fingers through his hair, making her face turn sour. 'Di siya makapaniwalang kapatid niya 'to. Masyadong mayabang.

"Hindi ikaw, Kuya. You're so fucking full of yourself. Here," she showed him the picture of Asher, "he's Theo Asher B. Rivera, the secretary of my boss, Jaycee Wayde Mendoza. Iimbestigahan mo sa ayaw at gusto mo."

Her brother is a private investigator. He can find something out in just a snap. That's how great he is, and now, she's going to exploit her brother's skills for her own benefit. Aba, dapat lang! Para naman may pakinabang ito sa buhay niya!

She just wants to know Asher's likes, hobbies, and everything about him. And once she musters the courage, she will confess to him and pursue him. Wala namang masama kung ang babae ang unang gumawa ng move.

Gian's forehead creased and his eyes squinted, looking at Asher's picture.
"Mukha pa lang, halatang 'di ka papatulan."

Her mouth parted in disbelief and a gasp escaped from her mouth. Putangina. Gano'n lang?

He looked at her and clicked his tongue. "You're hopeless, Gail. But okay," he shrugged, "Mukha akong pera, so I will investigate him not for you, but for the sake of money."

She glared at her brother. "'Di ko hiningi ang opinion mo, Kuya. Saksak mo 'yan sa pwet mo. Just shut your mouth and do your job." She scoffed at him and put her phone down.

"Okay. Expect me to send the details to you tomorrow. But, what are you going to do with the information?"

She arched an eyebrow at him. "I'll try to get to know him first before thinking about pursuing him. I want to know what kind of person he is, if he will be worth it or not."

Kilalanin muna bago magpakain.

Gian's mouth hung open as if he didn't expect to hear those words from her. "Woah, my sister is indeed a risk-taker. Pursuing him, huh?" he chuckled softly and nodded at him. "Good luck with that."

He turned to leave, and she looked at her phone once again as a smile formed across her lips.

Humanda ka sa akin, Asher.

And when her brother called her tomorrow after that, she didn't hesitate to pick it up and answer his call, her heart pounding in excitement.

"Nothing suspicious about him. He's a good man, but. . ." his voice trailed off, "I found something interesting," he said in a low voice as if he was afraid that someone might hear him, making her forehead knot.

"What is it?" But Asher, himself, is already interesting enough, though.

She heard him take a deep breath before speaking, "He hires a private stripper every month to give him a sexy show. Are you ready for that role, Gail?"

It felt like time seemed to stop when her brother dropped a bomb. Her grip on her phone tightened, and her heart kicked in both disbelief and astonishment as a gasp escaped from her lips, mind was filled with Asher's smile.

Damn. Who could have thought that behind that innocent smile lies a sexy secret?

And when she had processed Jack's words, her lips stretched into a playful smirk.

"More than ready."


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