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6:00 am
Today was going to go just like ever other day long and slow. Get up go to work. I guess being a desk clerk isnt that bad, well it isnt bad if you only worked one shift. It becomes a pain when you have to work 2 or 2.5 shifts because people like to call in every other day.
All honesty I didnt have anything else to do though. Maybe go to the local bar play some darts dance a little and go back home.
8:00 am
Someone seriously just called front desk and asked me to bring a cup of coffee and a bagel to their room. What is wrong with people. As I sit here and continue to check people out of their rooms my housekeepers begin to come in. Today I have a new one oh great, and it's another guy.
It would be all right if one the guy that we did have didn't drive me crazy but now he has gotten his brother hired on.
Today should be fun.
Fourteen rooms left to check out. Well time to hand out work lists and meet the new guy oh the joy.

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