The Suicide of a Lesbian - Short Free Verse Poem

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Always looking joyful

Never looking down

Always being playful

She turned others lives around

But the main task

The one question she's asked

Why can't she do the same?

Why can't she do the same for herself?

She was her own person 

She shouldn't care what they think 

But with all the teasing

And the cursing

She felt like she would sink  

It was all so overwhelming 

She couldn't take it longer

And it's hard to believe

People thought she was stronger 

But she wasn't strong at all

They were about to see her fall  

All the pain that made her cry,

All she wanted to know what why

For loving who she wanted?

For loving the same sex?

Love has no boundaries,

Love is not set  

All these thoughts flashed through 

All these people in her mind

She snapped out of it

She knew that it was time  

She grabbed her little shotgun 

It was pointed to her head

And all the kids will still make fun

Even when she's dead 

She took a final breath

And them she pulled to trigger

There was the death of a girl that people thought she was bigger. 

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