You...? (1)

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‘When you become the sun…’

Alver still could vividly remember. He could remember how at that time, that weird attendant of his did not even hesitate while saying those words to him.

‘Please think of me at that moment.’


Alver scoffed.

‘What a joke.’

He felt that it was extremely funny.

‘Think of you when I became the sun?’

Alver’s eyes clouded over.

‘I can’t stop thinking of you even now.’

It was funny how his attendant thought Alver could simply forget about him after the shit show he created in the palace.

He had made a massive mess in the palace before leaving. It was only after he left that Alver understood what he meant about ‘leaving soon’.

The attendant was still there, but it was not ‘him’. He had left without a trace.

‘Is what you just said your scheme?’ Alver had asked him at that time. ‘I don’t think that is all.’

He didn’t trust that attendant and didn’t have the slightest intention of trusting him at that time.

‘That is for you to figure out, Your Royal Highness.’

The weird attendant had answered him like that.

“For me to figure out.”

Alver muttered before saying out loud.


Tasha stopped thinking about the reason his nephew was acting out of character again and waited for him to continue.

Alver closed his eyes for a few seconds before opening them again and continuing.

“I’ll be going to the Henituse territory.”

Tasha frowned.

“Is it related to what was written in those documents?”

“That’s right.”

Alver answered her without tearing his eyes off the scenery out of the window.

‘I need to meet them.’

“Will you be going alone?”

“I need to go alone.”

‘He said I should not scare them off.’

The anonymous writer of documents, which Alver was assuming was the same person who once occupied his attendance’s body, had written this sentence.

‘Don’t bother them if they don’t wish to join you.’

He then had written this after that sentence.

‘Consider helping them as the payment for this information.’


Alver frowned the moment he remembered that word, just like the first time he read those sentences.

‘Is this all you want?’

No, actually, that even wasn’t the point.

‘Are you going around helping random people now?

If you can do that, why don’t you just contact me directly?’

The more he thought about those, the more he became upset.

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