I boarded the plane with Bella, our mom waving to us. "Here we go," I said, taking one last look at mom. "I wonder how much has changed in Forks." Bella didn't say anything and I scowled. "Come on, Bella, it's not gonna be that bad. Dad's gonna be great." "I don't want to move to Forks. I hate the rain and clouds." I rolled my eyes and put my carry-on in the storage compartment above our seats. I took out my phone and started layering music. It doesn't work as well without my laptop and other gadgets. I put in my headphones (not the kind that go in your ears, but the big headset ones) and listened as I layered. I felt something poking me and looked over to see Bella trying to put her carry-on with mine. "Having trouble, Bells?"

"Shut up, Jade." I chuckled and went back to my music. As it got darker, I turned off my phone and put it in my pocket. I placed my headphones around my neck and leaned my head back, falling to sleep. I woke up to Bella shaking me, light from outside streaming into the plane. "We'll be landing in a few minutes, Jade." I sat up and rubbed my eyes. We soon landed and I grabbed my carry-on, pulling it out. Bella got hers and we left the plane. I looked around for dad and found him. "Bella, there he is." We got our other bags and went over to dad. "Hey, girls. How have you been?" Bella looked uncomfortable while I hugged dad. I was always more like dad than mom, while Bella was like mom more than dad. "Let's get home .

I've left your rooms exactly as you had them, so they should be fine." Bella and I followed him to his police car and he pulled out his keys. We put our stuff in the trunk and got in. Dad got in the driver seat, started the car, and drove out of the parking lot. I watched the world go by while Dad tried to make a conversation with Bella. Dad soon pulled into the drive of a small house and stopped the car. We got out and dad helped us with our stuff. I carried my stuff to where I remembered was my room. It hadn't change at all, not even the black I had everywhere. I put my suitcase on the bed and placed my carry-on bag on my dresser. "School starts tomorrow. I already signed you girls up," I heard Dad's voice from outside my door.

"Great. Starting in the middle of a semester, in the middle of March. Aren't we gonna stick out?" Bella's voice was slightly irritated. "Bella, it'll be fine. After a few days, everyone will leave us alone." "Everyone will leave you alone. I'm uncoordinated and the one that everyone looks at weird. You, and I mean no offense by this, fade into the background . You fit right in with almost anything or anyone." 'Well, you couldn't be more wrong, Bella. If only you knew what happened 2 1/2 years ago.' That night was not a night I like to remember. I had been walking home when a group of men started following me. I thought I could get away from them. I was wrong. So wrong. They cornered me in an alley and, well let's just say they took something from me that I can never get back.

They also made it to where I could never have children....ever. No surgery could be done to help me. Believe me, mom tried. She never told Bella or Phil because I asked her not to. "Well, you two start getting unpacked and when your done, come outside. There should be a present for both of you. You'll have to share though." He left to go outside and I started unpacking. I put my clothes in the closet and a few things in the dresser. Once the suitcase was empty, I picked up the carry-on and went through it. I found my laptop and other tech stuff I used. I put them on my bed and got everything else out of the bag. I finished unpacking and went outside, Bella already out there. A man with brown skin and long black hair was in a wheelchair with a teenager next to him.

The guy had dark skin as well and long black hair. "Jade, you remember Billy? And Jake?" Dad asked. "Yeah, I remember Bella throwing mud pies at Jake when we were little." "Really, Jade?" Bella said. "Yes, really. Just because your memory is worse than mine doesn't mean you go after me for remembering that," I said, putting on an innocent face. "You still fight, I see," Billy said, smiling. "If you have to live with her, you would too," I said, pointing at Bella. "You're not the easiest person to live with either," said Bella. "Anyway, got this for you two. Just bought it off of Billy here. It's fixed up and should run smoothly," Dad said, nodding behind him to a old red truck. "Really? This is ours?" Bella asked. "Yep. But you have to share. Now seeing how Jade is older by a minute, she gets to drive it first."

I took the keys from Dad and ran back inside to hide them from Bella. I got up the stairs, shot into my room, shut the door and locked it. I put the keys in my necklace box and closed the lid. I changed into some pajamas and put the other clothes in the hamper. I picked up my laptop and took it to my desk. I opened it and turned it on. I walked back to my bed while the start screen popped up. I grabbed my other sound systems and put them next to the laptop. I plugged them in and sat in my black leather desk chair. I set my headphones back on my ears and unlocked my computer. I started layering and what felt like minutes passed by. A sudden knock came to my door and I saved the current demo I was working on.

Pulling off my headphones, I got up and opened the door. Bella came in my room and sat on my bed. "What's up, Bella? Not gonna ask me to show you how to walk and chew gum at the same time, are you?" "No. I heard Charlie talking to mom on the phone. He said something about 2 years ago and you were attacked. He said that if something like that happened again, he'd find the people that did it and lock them away for life." I froze and tightened my grip on the door handle. "Jade, what happened? And why wasn't I told?" "Because it does not involve you. Now, get out. I'm not going to tell you anything and I doubt dad will either." I was shaking slightly with fear remembering that night. Bella hesitated before getting up and walking out. I shut the door and went back to my desk.

I leaned my head back against the chair as I sat down and closed my eyes. Therapy had helped me, a lot. But it couldn't stop the occasional nightmares and panic attacks. If I'm outside at night, alone, I could make it home before snapping. The nightmares are what terrified me. They were very vivid and things that didn't happen, happened. I shook off the memories and pulled my headphones back on. I continued to layer and finished around 9:30. I saved it under one of the files and closed my laptop. I set my headphones on the desk and got out of my chair, stretching as I did so. I went to my bed and laid down. I wrapped my body in the covers, warming up. I rested my head on the pillows and closed my eyes, hoping that nightmares didn't disturb me.

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