Entry #1

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Not Entry 1 I just doing this to sound cool

Remember the time by Michael Jackson



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You are heading to audition for your best friend Alex's project called Marble Hornets. He called you not even a minute ago and now your car, driving.

Holy shit it so cold, my nipples are turning into bullets

You open the door of your car and start heading in. You see Alex with his camera just like told you. He would be recording you the auditions.

he has his back toward you.


"Hey Alex"

Alex turns his head toward you

"[Reader]! You were fast"

"I actually thought I was slower than usual, but that's not the point right now how do I audition for your project?"

Alex walks toward a table blocking a door(I always thought that was weird) that had a shit ton of paper and give you one, a script with the name on it [Random name]

"You will be the love interest for Brian. Just take a seat in front of the camera, say your name and then your lines"

You did as you were told

"My name is [Reader full name]"

"I love you, but a part of me is still mad that you left me"

"Why couldn't you just stay here... with me"


Alex is staring off into space looking into your eyes. You kept reading the script that says lovey-dovey things, you stop at the end of the page

"Is that enough, Alex?"

Alex joints up from the response

"Yes! Actually thank you so much [Reader]!"

You let out a chuckle

"Will that be all?"

"Yeah just write your name in the clipboard over there!"

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