Kiesha da sket

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I ran bck up da stairs an entred ricardos bedroom.I had suprisingly neva bin in der b4.It woz blu,he had a double bed wit blu sheets an dark blu curtains dat were drawn 2 giv da room a blu-ish glow. he had sum pine wardrobes an a desk full of condoms,a pc,a tele wit a ps2 bsyd it an a stack of cds an dvds. he woz sittin on his bed.As i entered he gt up an came up 2 me he stood ova me lookin in2 ma eyes.I thought 2 maself, hes so damn sexc y didnt i gt it on wit him earlier? he laid his lips into mine an we stood der lpsin 4 a gud 20 mins.Wen we finaly moved apart he took ma hand a walked me ova 2 his bed. Agen he lay dwnan i climbed on top of him.I took of ma top an he started feelin up ma breasts,caresing them an lickin his sexc lips. Afta a while i moved his hands away an gt off of him indicatin i wanted him on top. i lay on da bed an he gt up,he took ma skirt off an started feelin up ma legs an stomach.He started kissin me around ma belly buton . He moved 2 da upa part of me an started suckin ma breasts an gently/tenderly bitin ma nipples. Afta a gud 5mins he started gently an passionatly kissin ma lips an touchin ma whole body. he gt up an sat on da end of da bed,probably putin on a body bag,which made me want him evenmore, he looked bck at me,lookin atma body,admirin itz sexc shape.I gt up an sat on his lap,kissin his lips an his hands moved up ma leg 2 ma pussy as he started playin wit ma pussy lips,it made me wet straight away wit his soft touch an da rythmic finga work he used.I started 2 kiss him even more deeply an bite his botom lip. He slid his 2 fingaz in ma pussy,it felt sooo good dat i let out a lng but quiet 'uhhhhh..',he slid his fingaz in an out slowly an gently,goin deepa an deepa. He slid anuva finga in,i started moanin his name,'uhhh ricardo,uhhh'. Ma legs started 2 feel weak an i knu i woz gna cum on his lap. Ma legz started shakin an den i came on him.He woz satisfied bcoz he took his fingas out of me an kissed me deeply. I slid off of his lap dwn his body. I knelt up in front of him an started lickin an gently bitin his chest an nipples,wit ma hand on his dick it hardened wit evry bite an lick! Afta a while i gt a lil bored of dat so i took his warm dick an placed it in ma mouf.I started suckin an blowin on it,it drove him wild an he started moanin ma name. Soon,he got ahold of da back of ma hed an started pushin ma hed towardz his body,fasta an fasta until he came. Wen i finished suckin i gt up an sat nxt 2 him,straight away he gently pushed me bck an climbed on top of me an slid his hard dick in syd of me,in an out,he went fasta an fasta,he woz tearin me out,i woz moanin 'uhhhhhhhh ricar-,ricardO!!' Ma legz den bcame rly weak an shaky an i came on his dick,which was now gettin biga an biga insyd of me. He came in me soon afta me an slowed dwn 2 nufin. Wen he finished he gt off of me an put his boxers on. He looked bck at ma naked body layin on his bed an lay nxt 2 me,strokin ma stomach an kissin me gently. i turned an kissed him passionatly an gt up 2 gt dressed. Wen i woz dressed i turned 2 him an looked in2 his eyes,he bent dwn an kissed me agen,this tym 4 abat 15minz an woz feelin ma body. Wen i finished kissin him i looked at him an he sed

'so,ill c u agen ye?'

'Ye baybe' I replied an turned around an walked out of his room in 2 da passage,I walked bck 2 shanices room wit a smile on ma face.She woz sittin der on da pc,as i walked in she sed 'So lil miz freak r we gna go 2 dis boiz hse or wot?'

I laughed gently an sed 'ye,ye we gna reach dat'

'r u sure u can handle all dat in 1 day' Shanice sed turnin 2 face me wit a worried look on er face

'I am lil miz freak arent i' I sed starin straight bck at er wit a dutty grin on ma face.


Me an shanice left da house at 7 oclock. Ramel had foned me at 6 an asked if i woz stil cummin,i sed ye anhe sounded happz! I asked him 2 bring sean alond 4 ma frend an he sed yehe can arrange it no problem! So me an shan were at da bus stop waitin 4 a 479 to tek us 2 his yard. He lived in enfield an it woz quite a journey.

'So u gnna cum spend da nite at minez?' shanice asked

'Gud i dea ya na' I replied so i took ma fone outa ma pocket an foned hme,mum awnsered 'mum im gna sleep ova at shanices,ok'

'alrite den,c ya l8r on 2moro,take care'


An hour l8r,at da lst stop we gt off an walked dwn da road.

'He sed it woz on Crow road'

'Derz crow rd rite der' Shanice sed pointin 2 a street sign.

We walked dwn da street until we gt 2 numba 14. Wen we gt 2 da door i knocked it. A few secondz l8r it opened an ramel woz standin der 2 greet us.

'Cum in' he sed standin bck

Shanice walked in first an walked dwn da passage 2 meet her nu 'frend'.I walked in,as i walked in i felt ramels hand slap ma bum hard.I turned bck an gave him 1 of ma duty grinz an walked along da passage a lil mor.Ramel closed da door an walked up 2 me.He stood bhind me playin wit ma bum while he woz talkin.

'So sean u hav dwn stairs an imma hav upstairs ye' He sed

'Ye man'he replied 'So we gnna tear up dwn here ye sexc' He sed turnin 2 shanice.

'Ye man,most definatly' she sed lickin er lipz at him.

Ramel led me upstairs an i left shanice dwn stairs in da passage wit sean kissin. Wen gt 2 da floor dat his room woz on he opened his bedroom door an looked bck at me wit a sexc look in his eyes. I folowed him in2 da bedroom an closed it bhind me. As soon as da door shut he span round an started lipsin me rly hard an ruff. He woz feelin up al ma body an takin ma top off. He woz alredy topless wit jus jeanz an boxerz on. He gt me dwn on his bed an gt on top of me an put his face in ma chest an started lickin an suckin ma chest. He worked his way dwn an pushed ma legz up an opened dem. Movin ma thong aside he started lickin ma pussy. It felt gud,he woz suckin at da walls an movin his tung bck an forth so gently. Juices started flowin out of me in2 his mouf but he took it all bck. Soon i woz cumin all in his mouf an he stil licked me out. Wen he rose up der woz noo spilage at all his face wz clean an evryfin.I culd tel he did dis freaky shit on a regz.He woz on top of me,in between ma legz kissin me deeply. He woz rubbin ma legs an i culd feel his handz getin closa an closa 2 ma pussy. Dey reached der in no tym an he started rubbin it an movin his handz dwn 2 ma hole an he pushed his fingaz in.He moved dem round an round pushin his 3 fingaz deepa an deepa.Dwn stairz i culd hear shanice moanin.He took his fingaz out an slid his dick in.He woz ridin me hard an fast,he had no mercy.He woz tearin me OUT! I woz moanin an screamin 'uhhhhhhhh...uhhhh....ramelll.....mmmmm

.....uhhhh......' den sunddenly i screamed out 'Ricardo!!' He stoped rite der an looked at me an sed,'lisen u slut,me name na 'ricardo' me name RAMEL,gt it rite na' He sed kisin his teeth wit a sinista an scary look on his face. He gt off of me an went an sat dwn.I gt up an put ma clothes on. I culd c he woz ova vex but i jus didnt make ne eye contact an jus carried on putin ma clothes on. I woz hedin out of da door wen he sudenly sed 'oi,gyal,ya 4gtin ya salary' he laufed. Dat gt me so vex,i werent no prostitute!I looked 2 ma rite,feet glued in itz position.Ma eyes caught a shank.I quickly picked it up an dashed it at him an ran out of da room dwn da stairz. 'SHANICE,SHANICE,PUT YA CLOTHES ON NOWWWW!!!!! WE GTTA GT OUTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!' Shanice ran outada room lookin baffed,'cum on gurl hurry up! i stabbed da fuka!' Wen i gt 2 da botom of da stairs i grabed er hand an ran out da front door. Ramel woz stumblin b hind me tryin 2 catch me. Wee ran outa da house an dwn da rd all da way 2 da bus stand.Der were several buses so we ran on2 1 an went up stairs 2 da bck an lay on da chairs until da bus started movin. Onli den wuld we even dare 2 sit up. Afta an hour on da bus we arrived at shanices house. Sum boiz started whistlin at us but we ignored dem! Wen we gt 2 shanices yrd we went upstairs,der woz music cumin 4rm ricardos bedroom,sum sexc slow jamz. Shanice woz jus abat 2 step in2 er room den she turned round an sed 'go giv him a suprise' she sed lookin at er broz room door. She smiled at me an i smiled bck an walked 2 ricardos room. I hesitated,shuld i knock? i thought. I knocked an he opened da door. Wen he saw ma face he moved aside an let me in. Wen i walked past him i expected him 2 tuch ma bum or grab me 4rm bhind,but der woz nufin. I sat on his bed an looked at him.He woz standin infront of me lookin at me.

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