-The Storm- (18+)

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-This chapter will be smut, so if you don't want to watch that, then feel free to skip this chapter. There'll be hardly any plot, so if you do want to skip it then you wont miss anything. And if by chance the real actual Jenna Ortega is reading this...I can only apologise.-

| November 25th 2022 |


"Put it in me..."

You couldn't really believe it, Jenna was now on top of you, looking down at your completely red face, waiting for an answer. The sheer shock rendered you speechless, Jenna noticed this and slouched slightly.

"B-but we don't have to if...if you don't want too" Jenna said, worried she had made you uncomfortable, she started to get off but you held her hand, stopping her.

"N-no I just...didn't expect it" You smiled at her, she smiled back and leant in, capturing your lips with hers. 

"Then should we take this to the bed?" She smiled sweetly at you, but with a hint of teasing.

"Uh...uh y-yeah" You said, growing redder by the minute, she went to get up again but you stopped her. "Allow me" 

You grabbed the underside of both of her legs, turned and stood up with her in your arms, she wasn't heavy by any means, but you feel like you should've been working out last week just for this moment.

You carried her to the bedroom as she kissed your cheek a few times, working her way down to your neck, sending a shiver up and down it. You reached the bed and put Jenna on the bed as carefully as possible.

You began to take your shirt off, before realising that Cal had left you a present for this exact moment, and while you thought it would be useless in the situation you were currently in, Cal had promised you that it would 'Spice things up'.

"Hang on" You said, going towards the closet to look for something, Jenna watched your now shirtless body, fully taking in and getting herself excited for what was about to happen. "There we are"

In your hand was a small remote, you clicked it, sending a red light throughout your room, Cal said it would help but to be honest you couldn't see the difference, that was until you looked at Jenna to see her taking her shirt off.

"Oh shit sorry" You said, turning around as not to look at her.

"...Uh...We're about to have sex you know?" Jenna chuckled, taking her lower half off.

"Oh...right" You said, embarrassed you'd forgotten.

"Nice touch with the red light by the way" Jenna complimented, that was probably the one time Cal was actually right with something.

You took off the rest of your clothes, still feeling embarrassed for the boner you had, Jenna noticed this and smiled to herself at your bashfulness. She spread her legs open slightly and you approached her, crawling over her, faces inches away from each other.

"Uh...if you want me to stop just...just tell me, a-and I've never done this before so-" You started to ramble, Jenna cut you off with a passionate kiss.

"Y/N..." She seductively smiled. "Put it in me..."

You did as she instructed, putting it in, Jenna's breath instantly hitched as you slid about a third of your member in, you looked at her, receiving a nod to continue. 

You put it all in, a loud moan escaping Jenna's lips as you slowly brought your member out, you then put it back in, this slow rhythm continued, as did the heavy breathing from both parties.

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