Chapter 3

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Rachel's POV

I shot up from my sleep. I looked around and found that I was in my bedroom. Was it all just a dream? I groaned then climbed out of bed and down to the kitchen. I saw Perrie there sipping a cup of tea.

"Morning." I told her. Her head shot up and looked at me. She gave me a small smile.

"Morning." She replied. I went to grab some milk from the fridge when a pain shot threw my wrist.

"Ow." I gripped my wrist and it hurt even more.

"What happened to my wrist?" I asked Perrie.

"Oh you um...cut it by accident." She answered me.

"that's odd I don't remember anything about last night."

"Yea you where a bit out of it." Perrie mumbled then took a sip of her tea. I raise my eyebrow at her then shrugged my shoulders.

"So do you have work today?" Perrie asked me placing her cup in the sick.

"No I don't work on Wednesdays."

"Why don't you come to work with me for the morning. You could get breakfast there." Perrie suggested.

"Sure let me just change, i'll be ready in five."

~At the Bakery'

Perrie's POV

"Hi Amy."

"Perrie your late." My boss told me.

"I'm so sorry I had a late night last night." I told her throwing on my apron.

"Well for that you are going to have to train our new employ." I nodded then turned to see him. I gasped.

"Hi i'm Kyle." He stuck his hand out towards me. I started to panic.

"Perrie." I played along with him.

"Well I have to run to a few shops but i'll be back at around 3 and I expect him to be trained by the time I came back." I nodded my head not letting my eyes leave his. The sound of the bell made my head turn. I saw Rachel walk into the bakery.

"Rachel. Um I think you should actually go home and eat breakfast we have a new employ and I have to train him so I won't be able to um talk with you." I quickly told her trying to get her to leave.

"That's fine. I don't mind." Rachel walked past me.

"No really I don't want you to be alone."

"It's fine if she stayed I don't mind." "Kyle" said. I sighed.

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