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       Letting out a shaky breath, I close my eyes. I keep my eyes closed for a couple of seconds. 2 minutes.

       Eventually, slowly, I open my eyes. No longer seeing Billy in sight. He's now gone.

       I expected to see one of the other two! But, no one was here. All I could see was the darkness. I'm by myself. Alone.

       Did time run out? What's going on??

       Worried, I yell out a

       "HELLO?! ANYONE THERE?? SOMEONE!" No response. No one replied.

       Scared now, I begin walking forward. In hopes to come across someone. Anyone!

       Seeing something ahead, I stop. Not being able to see clearly.

       Squinting, I gasp. A room! Wait, a room? In the middle of nowhere?? What is that room doing, here?

       I then jump. When I heard the sound of echoing cries. Someone is crying....

Walking forward, I get a clearer image of the room. Wait! It's not just an ordinary room....

It's the basement, again!!

But, the room is not empty. People are there. Two people! One person, holding onto the other. Tightly.

Gulping, I walk closer. The crying, getting louder and louder.

       Making it up to the room, I walked closer to the person. Now, being behind them. I than realize the person on the floor, was a boy!

       The boy was holding the girls body....

       My eyes than widen.

       Robin is holding....my lifeless body....while crying, and yelling....

       His tears kept landing on my cold, pale face. His cries were so loud.

       Robins hair was down. He no longer had his bandanna on,

       "SOMEONE....HELP, PLEASE! SOMEONE PLEASE, HELP MY FRIEND....! SHE'S RIGHT HERE...! SHE'S RIGHT HERE!" Robin yell's, through his cries.

       My heart, aches.

       "Robin...." I whisper,

       Robin stops crying. Slowly, putting my body on the floor. He slowly turns around, to look at me. Looking up, he gasps.

       Getting up, I smile. Letting out a little laugh.

       Robin takes a few steps forward, before sprinting towards me. Giving me the most biggest hug ever!

       Immediately, I hug back. Robins cries being muffled, on my shoulder.

       I was so shocked! I've never seen Robin cry, before! Ever. He's always put on a strong face. Never letting his emotions get to him.

       This is the first time he stopped with the act, showing emotion. Aside from seeing tough.

       "I'm so sorry....!" Robin hiccups. Hugging me even tighter.

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