"Run, (Y/N)!" My father said. I couldn't do anything. I can't run, not even back out, I was stubborn. I was only eleven when the Phantom Troupe massacred my family. "No!" I retorted. To be honest, when I was young, I was an idiot..not realizing how cruel the world can be. My little self ran towards father & tried to take him out from under the debris, even I knew it was impossible, but, I was being denial. Thinking that I could actually do it. "(Y-Y/N).. run... please.." My father closed his eyes. "F-Father...?" I shook him. Then I checked his pulse...


"N-no..NOOOOOO!" Little me shouted, and started to cry. I started to run rapidly, the fastest I've ever ran. I ran out the village, out of the mountains & into the outskirts of the nearest town and into a dark ally. Suddenly, every inch of darkness was darker that the night sky. A shadow appeared. It started to move towards me, it raised its hand & it turned into what seems like a small dagger. It came towards me. . .

I woke up.

           Third Point of View-

(Y/N)'s (E/C) snapped wide open. Sweat covered her whole body from the horrifying nightmare. Tears appeared from her eyes; 'It happened again..' (Y/N) thought. She got off of the bed & went to the porch near the bedroom. (Y/N) put her (S/C) hand on the cold steel railing, and touched her left eye --her Scarlet Eye.

«Time Skip»

After sometime staying out in the porch
--and silently crying-- she checked the clock. It was 6:15 am. (Y/N) walked out of her room & walked down the stairs, into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for herself.

Then, out of nowhere, hands covered
(Y/N)'s eyes"Hi! Hi! Guess who it is??"
"Mm..Neon?" She guessed.
Neon removed her hands from (Y/N)
"Correct! Anyway, I have been thinking and.." She stopped mid-sentence. "That what"? (Y/N) put her hands up.

"That I want ya' to meet my favorite bodyguard... Kurapika!!" Neon put her hands in the air with excitement.
(Y/N) blinked. "Sure, when can I meet him?" Neon thought for a moment.
"This afternoon!"
"Ok." She said blankly.
Neon stares at (Y/N) suspiciously . "Are you alright, you're not always like this. Or...did you have a flashback again?"

"-Sigh- Yes, I did have it ,again." (Y/N) gave in. Neon knew overtime how to tell whenever (Y/N) had a nightmare or not.

"-Sniff- Do I smell something... burning?" Neon questioned.

"Uh..-Sniff- Oh my gosh.. You're right!!"

«Chapter End»

Anyway, that's the first chapter of Half Scarlet!! And it was 462 words and I'm happy!!


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