Jenna Ortega: Embarassing Meeting

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Y/n pov

It's night. Me and my best friend get in a restaurant. We sit down and order some food. We wait and i am looking at my phone. I see an interesting and attractive edit of Jenna Ortega that i decide to show to my friend.

Y/n:Hey, want to see something fine?

Best friend:I hope it's not with who i think it is

I show them the video and they look at me with an annoyed expression.

Best friend:I knew it! You simp!

Y/n:I am not

Best friend:Yes you are

Y/n:Well, it's not my fault that Jenna is so perfect that i am in love with her

Best friend:You didn't even met her

Y/n:It doesn't matter, we are meant for each other. If i would meet her, i will make her fall in love with me

Best friend:Even Pete Davidson is a better match for her-

Y/n:Don't you ever dare to say that again

Best friend:Chill...damn

We get our food and start to eat.

Y/n:Jenna is too beautiful for thst ugly guy. She deserves someone that will treat her like a queen she is...she deserves someone like me

Best friend:...uhh

Y/n:What? To stunned by my love for Jenna?

Best friend:Behind you...

Y/n:What's behind me?

I look behind me to see what's the problem. Oh no...oh god!

Y/n:J-Jenna Ortega?


Someone please murder me.

How the fuck can i escape from this embarrassing situation?!

I try to act cool even though she probably heard everything i said.

Y/'s a pleasure to meet you


Y/n:I am actually a quite big fan

Jenna:Yeah...i heard that myself

So she did.

Jenna:Okay, umm, i'm gonna leave...

Y/n:Okay, have a nice day

Wait, its night. Shit!

She then left and i get back face to face to my best friend.

Best friend:Looks like your idea had failed, haha

Y/n:Shut up!

I look down with embarrassment.

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