chapter 2 - meeting the originals

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Seeing that there is no danger, Cale begins to ponder about who might have brought him here and what their purpose could be?

And yes, Cale is very sure that he is not in the Roan kingdom, neither in the Western Continent. This seems like a whole other place. There is no window or doors in this hall. He wonders how long he is going to be here.

He is worried about what the children might do if he does not goes back soon. There's also Choi Han, Ron and the others, he hopes they have managed to calm the children averaging 7 years down .

While he was thinking, he feels a presence appearing near him.
He turns his head in time to see his body or should he say his old body in the sofa next to him. His old body or should he say Kim rok soo seems to be waking up, his eyelids were twitching. He makes eye contact with a very familiar looking reddish brown eyes once Kim rok Soo opens his eyes. Both of them stare at each other for a couple cale of seconds. Finally Cale opens his mouth first "Cale Henituse?"

Kim rok soo opposite to him smiles in a way he would never have and speaks, " well yes, but... you see, don't you want to continue living in the world where you are now? Because I plan to continue living as I am now."
"So you want me to call you kim tok soo?"
"Haha, exactly. I have already thrown away the name 'Cale Henituse'. You should do the same. This way our outer appearance matches with our names."
"...heh, okay sure. So Kim rok soo how am I able to meet you?"

Before Kim rok soo could answer, there was another flash of light and there sitting on the sofa alongside them is another slumbering red head.
Both Cale and kim rok soo stare at each other's eyes and then stare at the newly arrived red head.

A few moments later, the said red haired open his eyes. His eyes flashing from confusion to shock to wariness and then finally aggression which hides fear and wariness.

"where am I? And who are you both? Why do you look like me?" he speaks while looking around, his second question directed to Cale.
" ....sooo cute. Cale look at this, little me is so cute."says Kim rok soo while trying to hug the failing red head.

Cale just looks at the two wrestling around with a smile tucked at the corner of his lips.
This Cale* seems to the original Cale Henituse before the transmission, or should he say the one from 'The Birth Of Hero'.

"Well hello there. I am Cale Henituse." Says Cale with an amused smile seeing the flabbergasted face Cale* made. Kim rok soo just laughs out aloud seeing Cale*'s face.

Cale* also calms down slowly noticing that there was no malice coming from the two of them present here.
And the black haired person seems kind of silly, they don't look like kidnappers to him.
And it's not like anyone would even notice his disappearance.
He is quite tired of everything right now. These people doesn't seem too bad to him, might aswell spend some time with them.

Hm, It doesn't seem too bad .

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