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Hair done. Nails did. Makeup flawless. Indigo stood in front of the floor-length mirror, the epitome of stunning. Her box braids hung over one shoulder, while diamond studs sparkled in her earlobes. Her champagne-colored wedding dress hugged her curvaceous body. She knew she looked good, but there was just one more thing she needed to complete the look. She effortlessly slid the gold band topped with a flawless diamond onto her ring finger. Indigo locked eyes with her reflection. Her copper irises sparkled.

One hundred and fifty people, including her husband-to-be, were already at the rustic yet elegant renovated barn, congregating and nibbling on appetizers, anticipating her arrival. Emotions bombarded her system: Love. Nervousness. Elation. Stress.

It felt like ages ago, the day she'd decided that she was done with single life and determined to find the one person she wanted to share her life with. She'd never been one of those people looking for her other half. She knew she didn't need completing because she was already whole. She was fully herself, and she was seeking an individual who loved every iota of who she was, even the stubborn, flawed parts of herself.

At this present moment, she was sure she had found that person. The one man who could be a haven during a storm, a confidant when worry weighed her down, and an encourager when she doubted her own dreams. Someone she could build a future with, start a family with.

"Okay." She took a deep breath, grabbed her bouquet off the vanity, and turned to her two bridesmaids. "It's time for me to go get married."

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