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* * * *

    Confused to why Max wasn't saying anything, I say


    Behind me, I suddenly hear shaky breathing.

    Looking down, I repeat myself.

    "Max." No response.

    He's not giving a response.

    "MAX?!" I yell, turning around. Taking out my toy rocket. 

    Looking up, I see Max charging right at me with a kitchen knife.

    Gasping, I immediately charge right at him before he could do anything.

    Grabbing his armed arm, I grip onto it tightly.

    Max, dropping the knife. The knife, falling onto the floor.

    Angry, I jump right on Max. Causing him and I to fall on the floor.

    Sitting up straight, I lift up my toy rocket. Getting ready to do the impact.

    Shocked, he covers his face.

    "How dare you...." I say, betrayed.

    He starts crying,

    "P-PLEASE!! DON'T! PLEASE!" Max pleads, scared.

    Shaking my head, I ignore him.

    "THIS WAS APART OF HIS DEAL!!" Max yells,

    Tilting my head, I raise my brows.

    What? What is he even talking about??

    "What....deal??" I ask,

    Opening his eyes, he explains.

    "His deal, that he made with me. It was either to take my own life, for you to live. Or you, for me to live. I had no choice!"

    "Kay....? So why shouldn't I kill you now? You were trying to kill me, in order for you to-"

    "I KNOW! But I can't do it....! I just wanna live....!!" Max yells,

    Starting to feel empathy towards him, my eyes soften.

    He's telling the truth. I can tell by the tone of his voice.

    He's not capable of taking someone's life.

    Sighing, I lift the rocket down.

    "Okay. I believe you." I say, getting off of him.

    Max gets up. Still being shaky from what had just happened.

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