Chapter 2: Awaken

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The sound of chirping birds awoke me from my deep slumber, I was extremely groggy and felt like my eyelids were too heavy to open, alas it was around 10 am and I didn't want to oversleep on my first day as Sakura Haruno. I wonder where her soul went, did the other little girls beat the soul out of her or did I push her out to make room for me?

I hopped off the bed with a sigh, my landing making a quiet Thump on the carpet. Talking about the carpet, I need a new one. The carpet in this room is pink. In fact everything is pink, The furniture, bedding, walls, floor AND bathroom.

Who in their right mind has a pink bathroom? It's not 1947! I would have to change everything as quickly as possible, White walls, wooden floors, white and navy striped bedding, white dresser and a white bathroom.

I opened the closet to peek around inside, I was horrified when the only colour in there was pink or purple. This was my worst nightmare (other than the bathroom). If I wanted to become a Shinobi I needed dulled down colours like black or green. Colours that at least blend in when you're on a mission.

"MA?" I yelled from my room, I walked out of the room and stumbled down the stairs. I could pretend I lost my memory, I of course would have to know about a few things like Shinobi, just not about where I was or who I was. That would be good, faking an illness is never a good thing but when it comes to a matter of looking like the real thing it is kind of a must.

"Sakura you're awake now, how are you feeling?" she asked, her forest green eyes focusing on the wound on my head.

"I-I, Where am I?" I asked, trying to make my voice sound small. I still never really got to look around the house. I whipped my head around to look where everything was, I was killing two birds with one stone. Finding out where everything was while being able to feign amnesia. Simply wonderful, aren't I a genius?

"Honey, what do you mean by that?" Mebuki asked, her expression was now worried.

"Who are you?" My miniscule voice slightly echoing in the open room, the question in the air seemingly dissipating with each word that spew forth my mouth.

"Sakura, you don't mean that do you?" Her worried smile now fading to slow sorrow as she realised her daughter really didn't remember.

Mebuki fell to the ground, a heartbroken look on her face. Her blond bangs covered her eyes as they started to well up with tears. Hearing that her only child didn't remember her brought great sorrow upon her. I felt really bad making her cry, but I couldn't just wake up with a new personality one day.

"Who is Sakura?" I whispered, letting confusion play out on my face like a scene from a movie.

The woman reached for me and pulled me in for a hug, her slow sobs bubbling up to wails. It was loud in my ear but I hugged her back, It was such an odd feeling to be cried on. Years in the void left you feeling isolated, It was as if you didn't have a past or future. All you knew was void. I loved this feeling, the feeling of comforting someone in need, the feeling of being needed. It was a sick question in my stomach for years, and this was the answer.

"Mebuki?" A loud voice asked cautiously, A man with darker pink hair shaped like a cherry blossom stepped into the room. He sure was confused at the scene in front of him. His wife was crying on his daughter who looked as equally confused as he did, The faint murmuring of his wife confused him even more. Had she finally lost it or did Sakura say something...?

"What's wrong Mebuki, why are you crying?" He rushed over, his calm voice became an anchor for Mebuki, her heart rate slowing down and her wails going down to a silent sob.

"S-sakura, O-our baby s-she forgot us!" She cried, her voice more toned down now that Kizashi was by her side.

The pink haired man snapped his attention to me, His face a worried mess. He ran his hand through his hair and let out a deep breath.

"Sakura, I am your father" He said, Kizashi looked into my eyes, He looked like he had woken up from a bad dream and had to convince himself it wasn't real.

"Papa?" I asked cautiously, I needed to learn how to trust these people before I could live comfortably.

Mebuki seemingly snapped out of her crying and showed a sad smile. She cleared her throat and wiped her eyes.

"Sakura is still a kid, it's going to be fine" She reached out to me and ruffled my hair. 'Woah, that sure was one hell of a mood swing' I thought.

"...Mama?" I let a confused scene play out on my face, She immediately brightened up.

"Yes, yes it's mama, you remember?" She hugged me tight and cooed in my ear. I tried to get her to loosen her grip, It really was hard to breathe.

"N-not really" I mumbled, it was a start but I didn't want to talk too much. I could be sure that if I talked I wouldn't sound like a child and more like an adult.

It had been 3 months since that incident and after a few check ups at the doctors office It was declared 'amnesia' It was fine, my new mother and father doted on me more than I could ever want and I was happy. Mebuki seemed happier and I guess my slight change was for the better.

Mebuki seemed different up in person than through a screen, she seemed more fickle not that she was weak but she is not prepared for something she once knew was taken away. I didn't think this would affect the story line that much but the slight changes could lead up to giant plot gaps and Kami knows that filler episodes are just going to dig this TV series into a larger whole. Who ends up watching EVERY single episode of this thing.

That's not the point however, I am mentally 15 drifting in the body of a small child. Hell, it sounds like one of those fan fictions from Wattpad!

"Mama, I want to be a Shinobi" saying Mebuki was shocked was an understatement, Her eyes gave away her worry. I guess wanting to be a shinobi when your 5 does come as a surprise, especially  when you're  a civilian child at that.

"and why do you want to be a shinobi? Its really dangerous, and the chances of death are high" Mebuki was trying to make me see things in a different light, however I have played this game and I am still going to reach my goal.

I want to be the strongest kunoichi in the world, and after I complete this goal I want to explore the rest of this foreign world, The Shinobi Nations are all ever shown on the map. My curiosity would have to be sated until I reach that point.

I had to plan ahead for every obstacle and being titled 'prodigy' because that one title could have me ending up in the clutches of goddamn Danzo. That old bastard would swoop me up quicker than Kakashi can go through hand signs.

Mebuki's sigh brought me out of my thoughts, My eyes focusing back onto the worried smile that graced her face. Her head was rested on her hand and she was examining my face and closed her eyes contemplating what her answer should be.

"So you want to be a Shinobi" Her voice was soft, almost like a feather, it was soft and gentle in that manner.

I peered up at her face with a determined grin my eyes wide with excitement.                                  "Yes Mama, I want to be the world's greatest kunoichi!" My grin reached my eyes

Mebuki patted my head gently and let out a long dramatic sigh.

"Then thou shalt be the greatest of the great!" she put a hand on her forehead and posed.

I jumped up and hugged her waist, I was extremely small, but hey I'm still growing.

"Thank you!" I mumbled into the fabric of her shirt. I got a pat on the head in return.

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