⏤͟͟͞͞☆ LETTING GO. ⏤͟͟͞͞☆

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* * * *

We were both just hugging, each other. Not letting go.

    We just stood, there. In silence.

    Still, I hadn't stopped crying. This, being so sudden.

    Eventually, we let go. Staring, at each other.

    Robin looked tired.

    Robin moved a strand of hair out of my face, smiling warmly.

"He took you, too...." Nodding, I look down.

    Still scared by everything that had happened, in the basement.

    I had so many questions running through my head, right now.

    How is Robin still alive? How long has he been down here? Did Robin talk to the other kids?

Looking up, I say

    "Yes. He took me. But I managed to escape. Robin, it's over. We no longer have to walk out of our houses, in fear of being taken. No more missing posters, disappearances. None of that. We're safe. This nightmare, is over." Looking at Robin, who wasn't even paying attention.

    He stares at me, with an upset look on his face.

"Y/N....how were you taken?"

    ....What? Why does that matter? That's no longer important. Why isn't he relieved, and happy?

"W-what? Robin, did you even pay at-"

    "Y/N....answer. How did he get you?" Gulping, I look away.

    Not wanting to tell him about this whole plan I did, to try and get the Grabber.

    The plan that caused me to go through the things, that had just happened.

Taking a deep breath, I answer.

"I....I....was just walking back, from school. And, he was there." He shake's his head, not buying into what I just said.

    Why does he wanna know so bad? That isn't important.

Sighing, I decide to tell him the truth.

    "He knew my walking routine. I planned this. I ended up here, because of that stupid plan, I planned out, to try and get the Grabber. To confront him. I caused this on myself. I wanted to serve Justice to the other kids. I wanted to be the one who would stop the Grabber, for good....to end this." I admit. My body, shaking.

    Robin nod's, walking closer to me. Chills, rolling down my spine.

Cold. It got even more colder, in here. But, why?

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