Y/N, I Did It.

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{ Chapter 45. }


- - - -

Y/N POV:       I was laying down on the mattress, staring at the wall, blankly

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       I was laying down on the mattress, staring at the wall, blankly. Tired, hungry, and cold....my stomach wouldn't stop growling. I couldn't stop shaking. It was freezing! It's morning, outside. I heard kids, and cars driving by. I'm so tired....

       Being in a room, with no noise, nothing. Makes you get lost in your very own thoughts. Sometimes even makes you think of not-so very great thoughts. Even make's you think of how the other's felt, being stuck in here. Did they have bad thoughts, as well?? Did they blame themselves? Regret, anything??

       It's the third day of being here, and I already can't do this anymore. I'm scared. I just wanna go home, and see my siblings.

       This is all my fault....because I just couldn't let go of my friends, and move on.

       This is all my fault, this is all my fault, this is all my fault, this is all my fault, this is all my fault, this is all my fault

       I couldn't even move. Or bring myself to get up. My body is so weak, and sore. From the lack of food, and sun.

       I look up at the window, my eyes widening. There we go. That's the 5th car of the day, that has drove by. I sighed, blinking. Trying to keep myself awake. I managed to sit up, yawning.

       Don't give up now, Miss. I am right here.

       "Hm....?" I hum, not being able to talk. I look up, Billy....! He's looking down at me, with a worried look, on his face. I raise up my hand, trying to reach out for him. When I did, he faded away. Faded away, like dust. I'm just seeing things, again. I blink once more, seeing that he was still there. Billy.

       Get some rest. I'll look after you. And make sure that nothing hurt's, or gets near you. I'll protect you. Just look up at the ceiling, and watch the stars. I made them, just for you.

       Suddenly, it felt like I got hit by magic. Feeling myself lay down, looking up. Quietly, I gasped. Stars. All over the place, on the ceiling. It looked pretty....I felt myself slowly fall asleep, shutting my eyes. Letting myself rest.

   Gwen POV:
Finney and I quietly walked to school, together. We arrived, walking inside the building. I glanced at Finn, seeing that he had bags under his eyes. He looked as if he was crying, all night.

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