The Enemy

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A two faced enemy

Causing me pain

And insecurity

A faceless foe

Attacking suddenly

From where I don't know

Will he ever leave me alone

Or will he stop at nowhere

Trying to get me to drown

Please, oh please let me go

Let me live

But he does not hear me, no

The antagonist to my being

Does not but

Leave me crying

For I want to escape fast

This dark mysterious

Empty place he leaves me at

But how can I escape

When its deep inside

Cutting through me with a spade

I can feel him burning

Beneath my skin

And stinging

He lives inside my head

My thoughts and my heart

And wants nothing but me dead

He is I and I am he

We are two souls fighting

To take over me

But I will not let him tear me apart

And break down everything

I built of me and every part

Mariam Jabr

11- yellow

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