The Umbrella's

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"Dad, Who the hell are these assholes?" Ben asked

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"Dad, Who the hell are these assholes?" Ben asked.

Diana walked out of her room, stepping out onto the balcony, wanting to see what all the commotion was.

"And who are the weirdoes on the balcony?" A long haired man shouted.

"Those are the Sparrows." Reginald said. "My children."

They all come down from the balcony, Diana disappearing from sight, before appearing from Alphonso's shadow. Diana straightened her u uniform, pulling a face at the black haired boy who stared at her.

"I'm sorry." The uniformed boy said, tearing his eyes away from Diana. "What do you mean, your children? That's not possible, old man."

"Of course it is." Reginald snapped sharply. "I think I'd know, wouldn't I?"

"Everybody else can see Ben, right?" The guy in the hat asked pointing at Ben.

"Cute hat, Sundance." Ben taunted.

The guy tipped his hat, not picking up on the fact that he was being mocked.

"They call themselves the Umbrella Academy." Reginald told the other team. "A group of scheming, perfidious malcontents, who accosted me in the fall of 1963 when I was on my business in Dallas. Be warned. They claim to be my spawn."

"Claim?" The dark skinned beauty repeated. "Look, Five, What the hell is going on?"

"I don't know yet, but it's concerning." The boy responded.

"Is he telling the truth?" Marcus asked.

"Not the part about us being perfidious." The smallest Umbrella said.

"No! We're amateur-fidious at best." The One in the hat joked.

"But we are his children." The woman continued. "And this is our house."

The large blonde one nodded vigorously at what she said. "Yeah, Yeah, we, uh, we grew up here."

"Yeah, Yeah, we grew up here." Alphonso mocked.

Diana let out a cough of laughter.

"I kind of think we would have noticed you." Sloane said sarcastically.

The blonde guy glances at her and immediately a dopey smile over took his face.

"I'm Luther."

"Ok, none of you belong here!" The woman in all black shouted.

"Oh!" Fei scoffed. "Well then. I guess we'll just back our bags and leave."

Christopher, the cube, began talking causing the sparrows to laugh.

"You slay me, Chris." Ben laughed.

"I wasn't expecting company."

Everyone glanced over and saw Grace walk in, her heels clicking. She carried out a plate of cookies.

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