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Having roommates came with ups and downs. You had thought that Billy, who you found out was one of your roommates two days into moving in after you collided with his wet, bare chest on his way to his bedroom having just got out of the shower, would be the worst of your roommates.

Unfortunately, you were wrong. While Billy barely acknowledges you, your roommate more than made up for it. He stole food, broke into your rooms to take things, helped themselves to whatever he wanted even, on one occasion, food off your plate as you were eating. He and Billy hated each other. With Billy's reputation, you were honestly surprised that he hadn't thrown a punch yet given how much they argued.

You were in your room, listening to music and reading. You had the afternoon off and had planned on watching TV in the living room as both Billy and your other roommate were supposed to be out.

When you'd passed by the kitchen Billy had been going over a lot of paperwork which covered the small kitchen table. He had snapped his fingers at you without looking up and barked out that you still had to put in thirty dollars for the bills. You'd gone to your room to check and finding he was right, neatly arranged your money with notes and colourful clips to break down what each bit was. He held up his hand, still not looking at you, until he went to count out the money and saw the colourful clips and notes with hearts over the letters. He slowly looked up at you as if you were getting very close to being the last straw and waited for you to shuffle off before continuing.

Much later you heard him walking around and swearing to himself under his breath before he started blasting music and working out in the living room. You heard your other roommate coming home and the music paused. There was something said and then raised voices, a slammed door, and then the music continued at a much louder volume. After a while, you got hungry and decided to risk being snapped at by Billy as you hurried to the kitchen. Unlike your roommate, if he ever snapped at you Billy would apologise. Sometimes he would even give you candy although that was more based on whether or not his boss's wife had visited the garage he worked at and insisted he take a candy bar, resulting in a very melted gift for you, than if he was in a bad mood.

Slowly making your way to the kitchen you shuffled past Billy who glanced at you as he worked out. He'd changed into a white shirt with no sleeves and had turned the music up so loud you winced a little as you passed. Hurrying to get a glass of water and back to your room before you could be caught in an argument you turned, jumping and spilling the water as you discovered your roommate standing directly behind you.

"Hey! I was wondering if I could borrow some money?" Your roommate said, not even asking how your day was before begging.

"Oh. Well I only have thirty-five dollars to last until I get paid at the end of the week. But if you still need some money then I guess I could lend you some." You said quickly. They huffed and frowned at you.

"Seriously? What are you going to spend it on in five days? I actually need it. You'd think someone like you would be nice enough to help a friend out." They snapped at you. They were a good foot taller than you and had you trapped in the corner of the kitchen between the counters and glared down at you.

"I just can't lend it to you right now." You said quietly feeling rather intimidated. He continued on until you were almost tearful and said you could lend him fifteen. He'd smiled satisfied and gone off, you assumed to his room. You stayed in the kitchen to clean up the water you'd spilled and to refill your glass.

"Hey!" Billy shouted as the music suddenly stopped. You turned and felt relieved that he wasn't shouting at you. Heading back to your room you found your door was open. Billy had your roommate by the front of his shirt and your roommate was giving Billy a rather condescending look.

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