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Sleeping peacefully, my alarm goes off, waking me up from my slumber.

       Getting out of bed, slipping on my slipper's, I then began to make my way to the living room.

       Opening the front door, making my way outside.
Sitting down on the steps, patiently, I began to wait.

Looking to the side, a grin forms onto my face, standing up. Billy! Billy Showalter.

       Waving towards him, immediately, he notices. Smiling, giving me a wave back.

       Parking his bike near the sidewalk, he reaches into his basket, grabbing something.

       Getting off, a newspaper being in one hand, and something else in the other. But, it being hid. Billy starts to walk up to me,

"Good morning, Billy." Billy look's me in the eyes, a small grin, plastering on his face.

       "Good morning, Miss. Here's your newspaper." Billy, handing me the newspaper. Grabbing it, I say

       "Why, thank you." "Of course...."

Billy stood there, as if hesitating to do, or give something. He was still hiding something, in his other arm. Curious, I ask

       "Hiding something?" Looking up at me, he say's

       "Wha- No, no! Uhm...." Taking a deep breath, Billy shows what he was holding.

"For you, Miss." Flowers. Flower's, was what he was hiding. Flowers, for me! Billy, was giving the flowers to me!

        Gosh, they looked so pretty! Really, really pretty

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Gosh, they looked so pretty! Really, really pretty. Couldn't take my eyes off of them.

       The flowers were wrapped around newspaper paper. Who knew flowers could look so....mesmerizing. I was mesmerized!

Looking back up at Billy, he say's

       "These are for you, Miss. My mother thought these flower's were really pretty, to give to you. So I've picked these ones out. Hope you love them," Billy say's, gently handing me the flowers. Shocked, I say

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