Ariana's POV

"It's 11;11 make a wish, make a wish and make a wish and say, I hope you come true-"

I reached from my bed to turn offf my alarm clock. I layed back down in my bed to get at least ten more seconds of sleep. I jumped out of my bed and made my way to my closet. My room is painted light blue and two of my walls are cointained with hundreds of posters. On one wall I have a One Direction poster that hangs near the head of my bed, on one wall I have a Justin Bieber poster that hangs over my tv and near my beadrrom door I have two Austin Mahone posters. As you can tell I'm your typical fangirl. But in the future I will meet all ofmy idols no matter what. Call me crazy but it's true. I took the clothes that were the closet to the front of my closet and put them into my overnight bag. After packing I rushed into the shower and got out my outfit for the day.Today my school is going on our senior year field trip so I have to look nice-yes, I'm a senior in high school. We're going to a carnival not that far from NYC and I even heard that Austin Mahone is going to perform. I put on my chiffon blouse with my faded jeans and my moccasins.

 "Ariana! Bella is here to give you a ride!, said my mom from downstairs. "Okay, I'm coming!" I replied as I stuck my head out of my door. Bella was one of the most amazing people that I know. At my highschool everyone is just another spoiled preppy-rich kid. During my freshman year I was always teased for being unique. People would call me things from a "prude" to a "freak". Those words I soon got used to but for some reason they would still sting everytime. I guess I was always getting teased because I didn't fit into everyone else's " idea of fitting in". While everyone else was playing sports, getting wasted or teasing other people I was the girl who enjoyed strumming on her guitar or reading magazines. Finally when sophmore year came around a spunky new girl- Bella came around. She's just like me. She likes listing to music, singing, writing, reading, and drawing. If she hadn't came to Queens West High School I probably would've been homeschooled right now.

   I rushed downstairs with my ovenight hopinb that I didn't keep Bella waiting for too long.

I hope everyone liked it! I typed this up two hours before I had to go to school.

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