𝓓elivering Newspapers.

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    "𝓐lright, so what do we do?" I ask, ready to get started.

"Okay, first thing we gotta do is put all of the newspapers in the basket." Billy answers, already getting to work.

Nodding, I start to help out. It not taking too long.

"Great! Nice, Miss. Now, it's time to go and deliver the newspaper's." Nodding, we all get on our bikes. I, putting some newspapers in my bike basket.

"Let's goo!" I yell, starting to pedal. Billy, following beside me.


Making it to the other neighborhood, we all start to throw the newspapers to the houses. I, throwing the papers to the houses on the right. And Billy, on the left.

Almost finishing, Billy looks at me.

"Nice job, Miss! You're doing great!" Billy praises, smiling at me.

Looking at him, I grin.

"I did it!" I yell, raising up my arm.

"You did it!" Billy reply's.

"Alright, done. We should get going back. It is starting to turn dark, now. I'll take you back," Billy offers, turning around. I nod.

While pedaling bank to our neighborhood, I say

"This was actually a lot of fun! We should start doing this together, more often." I suggest, while looking straight ahead.

"This was pretty fun. Ya, we should!" Billy agrees. My smile, widening.

"Alright, I think we're here." Billy say's, stopping in front of my house.

Nodding, I get off of my bike.

"Well, I should get going now Miss. still have to feed Rover," Billy say's, looking at me.

"Ya, I understand. I should start heading inside, as well. Get back home, safe! Bye, Rover!" I say, patting Rover one last time.

"Bye, Miss!" Billy waves goodbye, pedaling away.

Beginning to make my way inside the house, I hear yelling coming from afar.

Looking to see who it was, I immediately start to walk even faster.

Gwen and Finn.

"Omg, Y/N....NO WAY!" Gwen yell's. Running towards me with the biggest grin on her face.

"You were talking with that paperboy guy!" Finn points out. Smiling, as well.

"No, I was talking with a ghost." Embarrassed, I walk inside. The two, following after me.

"I think Y/N has a crushh~!" Gwen teases, poking my arm repeatedly.

"I do not! It was just a short, quick, conversation. Nothing else." I lie, taking off my shoes.

Making a 'not buying it' look, Gwen makes her way to her room.

"Wanna watch some TV? Our favorite show is on, right now." Finn suggests, turning on the TV.

Nodding, I sit down on the couch right next to Finn. Spending the rest of the night, watching our favorite shows.

 Spending the rest of the night, watching our favorite shows

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