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* * * *

       "Alright. So, what can I do to help?" Asking, putting both arms on my hips.

    Billy thinks.

       "Hm. You can start helping me by putting all the newspapers in the basket." Billy say's, nodding.

       Nodding, I get to work. Billy, helping out as well.

    We both grab newspaper, by newspaper. Putting each one in the basket.

       Almost finishing, we now only had a few newspapers left.

       Reaching for one of the newspapers, not noticing that Billy was reaching for the same one as well.

The both of our hands, accidentally touching a bit.

       Immediately, I put my hand away.

    Billy, doing the same.

       Immediately, we both apologize.


       "SORRY, MISS!"

       "It's fine!" We both say, in sync.

       "You can get the newspaper!" We say, at the same time.

       "I'll just get the newspaper...."

       "Yup." Saying, awkwardly. Grabbing the other newspapers. The both of us, not saying a word to each other.

       "Really sorry, Miss-"

      "It's fine! What now??" Putting what happened, aside.

       "Now, we deliver these newspapers." Billy replies, hopping on his bike.

I, standing there. Staring at him. Zoning out. Billy notices,

       "Well, are you gonna hop on? Or just keep standing there, staring at me, Miss?" Billy chuckles.

Blinking fast, I hop on the bike, embarrassed.

       "My apologies."

       "It's alright. Okay, let's go boy!" Billy say's. His dog, barking.

* * * *

       Billy kept grabbing a newspaper, throwing it to each individual house. Almost finishing up the newspapers.

       "Okay. We have those house, next. Wanna try throwing the newspaper this time, Miss?" Billy ask's, looking at me.

      "Wha- Me?? Uh, no thank you! I'm not a good thrower." Shaking my head.

       "I don't think so. C'mon, try. Here." He say's, handing me the newspaper.

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