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       "Okay, there! We finished!!" I point out, Robin leaning back in his seat, sighing in relief.

       Finally finished helping Robin with his math homework. Robin look's at me,

       "Ya, I did." He say's, causing me to roll my eyes dramatically.

       "Ya, with MY help! You're welcome!!" Robin laughs, nodding.

       "Right, right. Thank you, Y/N. For helping me out." He thanks.

       "No problem." We both get up, packing up our stuff, cleaning up. Robin, getting up, stretching his arms. He than looks at me,

       "Hey, remember, our bet?? Now that we finished with our work, we have to watch a movie! And my pick, too!" Oh, shoot. Completely forgot about our deal.

       "Oh, I forgot about that....okay, ya. You're right. I still have some time left, before I have to head back home." I shrug.

       "YES!! Wait- I have an idea!! What time is it?" He asks, causing me to raise my brow. What is this boy planning....?

       "Uh, it's 6, right now. Bout' to turn 7, soon. Why?" He gasps, grinning widely.

       Robin jumps, grabbing my hands, twirling me around the room, in excitement.

       "Woah, hey!! Why you so excited for?" I ask, laughing. Finally, he takes a deep breath, letting me go.

       "The....the drive-in!! We can go....to the....drive-in! Watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!" He yells, still out of breath.

       Looking at him, shocked, I reply

       "Oh- Uhm, ya, sure! But we don't have any money to buy ourselves two tickets!" Robin shakes his head,

       "Don't worry about that. Just, put on your shoes! We'll leave, right now." He say's.

    Looking at him confused, shaking my head, I do as he say's.

       Robin sprints out of his room for a second, coming right back in a hurry.

       He smiles, folding his arms, leaning against the door.

    "We got ourselves a ride! My uncles driving us. But, we gotta go. Like, right now now." He say's, grabbing my arm, dragging me to the downstairs.

       The front door was already open, both of us running out, immediately getting in Robins uncle's car.

       Buckling our seatbelts, he turns on the car, turning to look at us.

       "Hang on tight, you two!" He yells,

• • • •

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