𝓣exas Chainsaw Massacre.

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"𝓓one!" Sighing in relief, Robin leans back in his seat, smiling.

Looking at me, Robin say's

"Thank you, Y/N. If it weren't for your help, I wouldn't have finished my work." Robin thanks, still grinning.

Smiling, I nod. Proud of Robin.

"Now, it's time for our deal! I getting to decide on what we do."

'Oh. I almost forgot about that deal! Well, it's not not too late. So, I guess we can do something fun.' Getting up, I nod.

"Alright. What you wanna do, though?" I ask, crossing my arm's.

Rubbing his chin, Robin think's. Suddenly, his eyes lighting up in excitement.

"I have an idea! The Drive-In! We can go and watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre, together!!" Robin suggests, smiling widely.

"Oh, okay....? Ya, sure! But, do we have any money to buy ticket's?" I question, raising my brow.

"You don't have to worry about that. Now, c'mon! Put on your shoes! Let's get going," Nodding quickly, I go to put on my shoes.

"Alright. I told my uncle, and now we got ourselves a ride. C'mon," Robin gently grabs my hand, rushing the both of us downstairs.

Making it outside, Robin opens the door. Letting me inside first. Walking in, Robin gets in after me. The both of us, buckling our seatbelts.

"Let's get going" Robins uncle hums, hitting the gas.


Arriving, I gasp. Shocked on how crowed the Drive-In was! So many teenagers walking in together, with their group of friends. A ton of cars waiting to buy their ticket's.

Unbuckling our seatbelts, we run to the sidewalk.

"See you later, uncle!" Robin yell's, waving goodbye before looking at me.

"C'mon, let's go. We're gonna take a short cut," Robin say's, dragging me far away from the ticket line.

Making it up to a fence, Robin kneels down. And that's when I realize that there is a huge hole that the fence had!

Crawling through, we were now inside! Without having to pay for a ticket, or anything!

Walking to the very front, Robin and I sit down on the ground. In front of the big screen!

"And that's how you get in, without having to pay 17$ for one ticket each." Robin sighs, with a closed-eyed smile.

Smiling, I look back at the screen. The movie then began to start!

"Look! The movie is starting!!" I point, jumping up and down with excitement.

Smiling, Robin look's at the screen.


It was now the middle of the movie. Couple more minutes left till it was officially finished. And already, I started to feel a bit sleepy. Yawning, none stop.

Yawning once again, I let myself fall asleep. Closing my eyes, I lean in towards Robin shoulder. Snoring, quietly.

Suddenly, hearing the credits rolling. Hearing cars turn on, and people's footsteps. Did the movie just finish?

'Did I really fall asleep that fast?'

I felt someone shaking my shoulder, causing me to wake up. Looking beside me, I see Robin.

"Did you really fall asleep?" Robin laughs, lightly hitting my face.

Mumbling, I laid my head back on his shoulder. Feeling too tired to get up or do anything.

Hearing a light sigh, I feel myself get picked up. Causing me to be fully awake, surprised.

Not saying anything, Robin starts walking to the Exit. Looking unbothered.

Not questioning him, I close my eyes. Getting myself comfortable.

Robins uncle arrives. Robin, laying me down in the backseat. Getting in, Robin makes me lean on his shoulder. Buckling my seatbelt up for me.

"Alright, you can go uncle."


Arriving back at Robins place, immediately he picks me up and takes me inside his house. Laying me down on his couch gently, Robin runs upstairs to go and get something.

Running back downstairs, Robin walks up to me. Holding a blanket, Robin places the blanket over me. Tucking me in.

Feeling cozy, I snuggle my face into the blanket. Enjoying the treatment.

Sighing, Robin sits down beside me. Grabbing the remote, Robin turns on the TV.

Looking at the clock, Robin looks at me and say's

"Need anything? Thirsty? Hungry, maybe?" Robin ask's, ready to get up if I do need anything.

Comfy, I shake my head no. Keeping my eyes closed.

"Alright. My uncle and I will take you back home in an hour. So, you can continue to rest for now." Opening my eyes slightly, I nod.

"Today was a lot of fun. Definitely a day worth remembering. So thank you, Y/N. For making today perfect." Robin thanks.

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