𝓡obin To The Rescue.

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   𝓣he three of us were walking through the School hallway, chatting. The first week, about to officially come to an end.

"How did your guy's first week go?" Robin asks, looking at Finney and I. Finney reply's first,

"Went well, actually. I....have this girl in my class whose....verg nice." Finn say's, getting all flustered out of no where.

"Anyways! How about your week, Y/N?" Finney say's, changing the topic.

I hum, giving him a little shrug.

"Mines was alright," I answer, in a plain tone.

"That's good. Well, I better get going. I have to go, and pick up my little sister." Finn say's, getting ready to walk away.

Looking at Finney shocked, I say

"Wait, you have a little sister??" Finn nods.

"Ya! Her names Gwen. I can maybe introduce you to her, tomorrow." Finney offers, smiling. Excited, I nod.

"Alright. Well, bye guy's!!"

"Bye, Finney-boy!!" Robin and I yell, waving goodbye.

It was now Robin and I. Just the two of us.

"Well, I better get going too. My dad should be

"Wait! I have something that I wanna ask you," Robin say's, stopping me. Confused, I turn around. Tilting my head to the side.

"What is it,"

"Have you been getting picked on, lately?" Robin suddenly asks, shocking me.

'Wait, what? How does he know-!'

"You don't think Finney and I notice the bruises that you have all over your body? Why have t you bothered to tell us? Do you not trust us? Are you that WEAK to defend yourself? You're weak....




Growing anxious, I cover my face. Falling down to my knees. My hair, falling in front of my face.

'Stop, stop! I try, I really try to defend myself-'

"Woah, Y/N! You okay??" Confused, I slowly look up. Only to see a concerned Robin, looking down at me with worry in his eyes.

Confused, I look around.

'Wait, what? What was all that? Was that all in my head??'

"Uh....wait, what did you wanted to say??" I ask, rubbing my head, frustrated. Growing a headache.

"I asked if maybe one day you could come over to my place, to help me with my homework." Robin say's, helping me get up.

"Uh, oh....ya, sure." I nod, gaining back my composure. Standing up straight.

"Okay! Nice." Robin reply's. Still a little confused to what had just happened.

"Ya....well, I'm gonna go now. I have to get home." Robin nods.

"Right. Well, bye!" Robin waves, giving me a smile. Smiling back, I wave goodbye before walking out.

Making it outside, sure enough, the three boys were outside waiting for me.

Before I could walk away any further, I get pushed. Causing me to hit the cement floor. Immediately, I grunt in pain.

"Hah. Pathetic!!" The ginger yells, laughing.

Trying to get up, I get pushed once again. The three of them, now charging at me all at once.

"HEY!" I hear from afar. Opening one of my eyes, I look to see where the voice came from.

'I recognize that voice....Robin!' My eyes then lighten up with hope.

Using the strength that I had left, I get up, and run towards Robin's direction. Robin, giving me a hug. Not keeping his eyes off of the three boys.

"Stay right here," Robin say's, letting go of me. Walking up to the three boys, making the three take a few steps back.

Robin that easily beats up the three, causing the three to run away, scared.

"That's right, you three better run! Don't even think about messing with Y/N, again!!" Robin yell's, huffing.

Sighing, Robin walks back to me.

Noticing my bleeding arm, he gently grabs it, observing the wound.

"Jeez you're bleeding a lot, Y/N. Here, let me use my bandanna to stop the bleeding." Taking off his bandana, Robin wraps it around my arm.

"Why didn't you tell me that this was happening, hm?" Robin say's, tightening the bandana. Causing me to wince a little.

Guilty, I look down.

"I don't know. Sorry, I really am-"

"Don't apologize. I understand. Next time though, tell me." Immediately, I nod. Looking away, smiling a little.

Nodding, Robin takes out a little piece of paper and pen. Writing something down before handing the paper to me.

Unfolding the piece of paper, I gasp.

'Robins phone number?!' Robin smirks.

"Call me to let me know when you're free to come over to study." Robin say's, giving me a quick thumbs up.

"Of course,"

"Good. Now, get going. I think your dad is here, now." Robin say's, looking behind me.

Nodding, I give him a quick goodbye hug before walking off to my car.

Getting inside, I don't say a word. Just staring down at the piece of paper that Robin gave me, smiling widely.

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