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Hi, my name is Y/N! Y/N, Miller. I've been living here At Minnesota, my whole life! Ever sense I was a little baby.

       I love it, here. Not much to do. But, it's still fun.

    Every single day, I would go out, play in the front-yard.

    I would draw, read picture-books, climb trees, collect flowers, take walks, and so much more!

I've been living here, with my father. And only my father. Just the two of us!

    He's a very good guy. Best dad that I could ever ask for.

       He would play with me, tuck me to bed, go on adventures with me! Everything.

But, it wasn't always just the two, of us. My mother used to be in the picture, too!

    She was a very sweet lady.

    Made the best pancakes, very kind, and looked like a whole....angel. Sadly, she left. By her own will.

My dad and her were deeply in love, with each other!

    But, of course, there's some disagreements that they would both have, that would end up becoming an argument.

My mother and father got in a very heated argument, once.

    Mom, finally hitting rock bottom. Panicked, not knowing what to do. She was scared.

       She packed her bag's, and left. Giving me one last big hug, before walking off, not looking back.

After that, dad would always remind me that....things aren't over, with the both of them.

    That she'll come to her senses, and come back, one day!

Aside from that, Summer break is almost over! Almost time to go back to school. I'm starting third-grade!

    Elementary School!!

       First day, tomorrow. I've been really looking forward to tomorrow! Very, very, excited.

I finished eating dinner, putting the plate in the sink, going to the restroom, brushing my teeth.

       After finishing that, I entered my room, getting my bed ready.

    Tomorrow, I have to wake up really early! School starts at 9.

Finishing getting my bed ready, i heard a knock, looking to the side, seeing dad leaning against the door!

      He smiled, walking inside my room. Getting in bed, I tuck myself in, laying down.

    Dad, kneeling in front of me.

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