𝓕irst Day Of School.

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    𝓗ello! My name is Y/N. Y/N Miller. I live in Minnesota. I've been living in Minnesota ever since I was born.

I live in Minnesota with my father. I'm an only child. It's just me and my father. The two of us. Us, against this big wide world.

It wasn't always just the two of us, though. My mom used to be with us, as well. Till, that happened.

She was such a young, sweet kind lady. She always made the best pancakes, and always came up with the most prettiest outfits for me! But, till one day....she left.

A huge argument caused our family to fall apart, and never be the same.

My mom, being panicked during the argument, packed her stuff, gave me one last hug, and left. Not looking back, once.

After that, I wasn't the same. Dad's noticed, and would always tell me that this wasn't the end between our family. And that one day, she would come back.

Still hasn't. And I'm starting to think that she never will....

Aside from that, things now have been going smoothly so far! Summer break is coming to an end, meaning that it's almost time to go back to school!

I'm about to start Elementary! Heading off to third grade.

I'm looking very forward to coming back, excited for whatever opportunities come my way.

It was now nighttime. Dad and I having dinner before getting ready to head off to bed.

Finishing my food, I put my empty plate in the sink before walking into the bathroom to wash and brush my teeth.

Entering my room, I start to get my bed ready.

School starts at 9. Which means I have to get enough sleep, so I won't be tired when I wake up early in the morning.

Hearing a knock, I turn around, seeing that dad was entering my room with a warm smile.

Dad tucks imma into bed, kneeling down on the floor.

"Good night, sleep well. Alright?" Smiling, I nod. Dad, giving me a peck on the forehead before getting up.

"Good night!" Walking off, dad gently closes the door.

Letting out a small sigh, I close my eyes. Drifting off to sleep.


Hearing the birds chirping outside, I slowly start to wake up from my slumber.

Letting out a big stretch, I look at the time. 8:20. Enough time to get up, and get ready for the first day.

Getting out of bed, I pick up the outfit I left beside my bed, and changed.

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