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"Oh yeah, best view I've ever seen."

THE GROUP WERE HUDDLED underneath the rock at Skull Rock. The group were breathing heavily and Fiona scooted even closer to Eddie when she heard a very loud growl coming from one of the bats.

The bats made their way away from the rock and flew in a different direction causing Fiona to let out a breath she didn't even notice she was holding. "Fucking hell." She sighed quietly.

"Oh... okay." Robin spoke, slowly moving out from under the rock. "That was close." The group all stood up from under the rock and were all still breathing heavily.

"Yeah. Too close." Eddie agreed, grabbing a tighter hold of Fi's hand. "This is fucking terrifying." Fiona told the group with a gulp.

All eyes snapped to Steve as he crashed into the side of the giant rock. "Oh, shit." Steve quietly spoke.

"Steve?" Nancy said, rushing over to the boy who looked tired. "I'm fine. I'm fine." Steve told the girl, although it was very obvious he was not fine.

"No, you're not. You're losing blood. Sit." Nancy instructed the Harrington boy who immediately listened and sat down with the help of the girl.

"I wish I could help him." Fiona muttered to Eddie, not liking how much pain Steve was in.

Steve removed his hand from over his wound to reveal a giant bloody bite mark. "Oh..." Robin quietly sighed, looking at the wound in disgust.

Steve grunted as Robin moved over and applied pressure onto the boy's wound making Fiona flinch. She hated seeing her loved ones in pain.

"So the good news is I'm pretty sure wooziness is not a symptom of rabies. But if you start having hallucinations or muscle spasms or if you start feeling aggressive, like you wanna punch me, let me know." Robin quickly spoke to the tired boy as Nancy began ripping at her clothes.

"Robin." Steve said quietly, causing the girl to stop talking. "Yeah?" She responded with a smile.

"I kinda wanna punch you." Steve told the girl, making her chuckle. "Sense of humour's still intact. That's a good thing."

Nancy had managed to rip a part of her clothing off to wrap around Steve's wound making the other three turn around and do their own thing.

Eddie had started climbing one of the rocks, Fiona watching from the bottom. "Like the view?" Eddie asked with a smirk making Fi chuckle.

"Oh yeah, best view I've ever seen." Fiona chuckled with a wink making Eddie smile widely at the girl.

"So, uh, this place is like Hawkins, but with monsters and nasty shit?" Eddie asked the group as he stood up on top of the rock.

"Basically, yeah." Fiona shrugged with a sigh. Eddie then proceeded to make his way back down but Fiona stopped him. "Hey, watch out for the vines."

"What? Why?" He asked the girl confusedly as she made her way over to him and grabbed his hand. "All the creepy crawlies around here, dude. They're like one, or something. Step on a vine, you're stepping on a bat, you're stepping on Vecna." Steve responded before Fi could as she helped the boy get down slowly but safely.

"But everything from our world is still here, right? Except people?" Robin questioned curiously. "As far as I understand it, yeah." Nancy nodded her head.

"So, theoretically, we could go to the police station and steal guns and grenades and whatever we need to blow up those bat things that are guarding the gate." Robin suggested.

"Yeah, I highly doubt that Hawkins PD has grenades, Robin." Steve quickly shut down the grenade idea.

"I mean, you never know, Steve. For all we know, they could have a picture of you in there." Fiona shrugged causing Steve to look at her oddly.

"Okay, I highly doubt they're gonna have a picture of me in the police station." Steve told the girl.

"Yeah, well, you highly doubt a lot of things." Fiona told the boy making Steve sigh. "Could we, maybe not do this right now?" Steve asked making her shrug. "It's true."

"Back to what Robin was saying, guns? Yeah, sure." Steve nodded his head towards the blonde woman who sent him a smile.

"Well, we don't have to go all the way downtown for guns." Nancy spoke, confusing the whole group. "I have guns in my bedroom." Nancy told them, clearing the confusion apart from Eddie's.

"You. Nancy Wheeler, have guns, plural, in your bedroom?" Eddie asked in shock, not believing that the Nancy Wheeler owns guns.

"Full of surprises, isn't she?" Robin told the Munson boy who just raised his brows. "A Russian Makarov and a revolver." Nancy informed Eddie about the guns she owned.

"Yeah, you almost shot me with that one." Steve reminded the girl, moving closer to her as he did.

Nancy looked back at the boy with a grin, "You almost deserved it." The two held eye contact for a few seconds before Fiona had enough.

"All right, enough of that now." Fiona waved her hand at them as Eddie threw his jacket at the Harrington boy who just held a confused look. "For your modesty, dude."

The whole ground shook as a loud ringing noise of thunder ripped through the air. Eddie held onto Fiona as they fell to the ground.

"Oh my God!" Robin yelled, falling down onto the ground beside Fiona. The rumbling continued and Eddie's grip tightened around the girl's waist as she moved closer to his chest.

The shaking and rumbling came to a stop, leaving the whole group breathing heavily. Fiona's hand had interlocked with Eddie's as they continued laying on the ground. Eddie's arm had wrapped itself around the girl's waist in a protective matter as his head rested on top of hers.

The sound of a screech was heard in the distance making everyone turn their heads to see where the sound was coming from.

Eddie and Fiona had sat up, their hands still locked together and Eddie's arm wrapped around her waist as the Munson boy began speaking. "Yeah, guns seem like a pretty good idea to me." Eddie told the group, Fiona nodding her head in agreement.

"Yeah, I agree." Fiona nodded her head. "Yeah, me too." Robin also agreed.

The group lifted off the ground slowly and all gathered around. "So, what are we waiting for?" Steve asked as he put on the jacket which Eddie had previously given him.

Eddie rubbed his knee which he had banged whilst falling onto the ground as Steve and Nancy began walking away, leaving Robin, Fiona and Eddie.

"You guys seriously need to stop doing that." Fiona told them, quickly following behind as did Eddie and Robin.

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