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"It's true, I was there."

IT WAS NOW THE NEXT DAY. Last night, they told Eddie everything. They told him all about what actually happened at the Mall and even way back to when Robin, Max and Fiona weren't even around. After they told him everything, they came to the conclusion that all along it has been some dark wizard cursing Hawkins.


The group were currently outside of the place where Eddie was hiding. They had gotten him some food and some drinks so he could survive and wouldn't starve to death or dehydrate.

Walking in, Eddie immediately jumped out from under the tarp which was still in the boat holding the same broken glass from last night.

"Delivery service." Dustin told him, holding up the bags. Fiona waved at the boy with a big grin on her face earning a small wave back.

Dustin handed over the bags, Eddie immediately looked through them and pulled out a box of cereal.

"Somebody's hungry." Fiona muttered as she watched the boy grab a handful of the cereal before stuffing his face.

"So we go, uh, some good news and some bad news. How do you prefer it?" Dustin asked the older boy as he swallowed the mouthful.

"Bad news first, always." Eddie told him with a nod making Dustin sigh. "Okay. Bad news. We tapped into the Hawkins PD dispatch with our Cerebro, and they're definitely looking for you."

"It's true, I was there." Fiona confirmed making Steve look at her oddly. "Yeah, he knows you were there."

"Just confirming." Fiona shrugged her shoulders and a small roll of her eyes.

"Also, they're pretty convinced you killed Chrissy." Dustin then told the boy, scratching his head.

"Like one hundred percent kind of convinced." Max told him with a nod of her head. "Yeah, like super duper convinced." Fiona continued.

"And the good news?" Eddie asked with a sigh. "Your name hasn't gone public yet." Robin told him making Fiona put her thumbs up.

"But if we found out about you, it's a matter of time before the others do." The blonde woman told him honestly. "And once that gets out, everyone and their shallow-minded mother are gonna be gunning after you."

"Hunt the freak, right?" Eddie asked bitterly making Robin nod her head, "Exactly."

"So before that happens, we find Vecna, kill him, and prove your innocence." Dustin told the boy like it wasn't going to be a difficult task.

"That's all, Dustin? That's all?" Eddie asked him, looking at the curly-haired boy like he was crazy.

"Yeah, no, that's pretty much it." Dustin shrugged.

"Yeah, how do you expect to kill an evil dark very powerful wizard exactly?" Fiona asked Dustin, looking at him dumbfounded. "Because, you know, I played a massive part in killing the mind flayer last year and I'm not quite in the mood to kill another evil thing." She shrugged.

"Listen, Eddie, I know everything Dustin is saying sounds totally delusional, but we've actually been through this before." Robin told him, trying to make the long-haired boy feel better. "I mean, they have a...a few times and I have once. Mine was more human-flesh-based, theirs was more smoke-related, but bottom line is, collectively, I really feel we got this."

"And on top of that, we have a very powerful girl standing right next to us." Robin pointed towards Fiona making her nod her head.

"We usually rely on another girl who has superpowers. But, uh, those went bye-bye so..." Steve trailed off.

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