Zayn Malik Imagine (4)

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You and Zayn were out on a date at some fancy restaurant. You loved going on dates with Zayn, cause he was funny and a person you can talk about everything. He wasn't just a boyfriend to you, he was you best friend. You shared every secret.

After the dinner you went to the luna park. Zayn won you a teddy bear. It was so big, cute and FLUFFY! You fell in love with it.

Later that night Zayn drove you home, but you forgot the teddy bear in his car. After 15 minutes Zayn called you.

"Hey baby, wacha doin'?" He asked.

"Nothing love, i'm getting ready for bed. You?"

"I just got home. You forgot the teddy bear."

"I know, i'll come tomorrow at your house to get it."

"I have a better idea." He said.

"Zayn, what are you going to..SHIT, he hung up.."

After 20 minutes you heard some strange noise at you window. You went there and saw Zayn climbed up to your window. You quickly opened it.

"Move a bit back so i can get in." He said as you moved few steps. He climbed up, handed you the teddy bear and kissed you.

"You shouldn't bring it.. I would've come tomorrow." You said.

"I know but I missed you!" He said as he hugged you.

"Zayn we were together 30 minutes ago."

"I know but.." he started to talk but then you heard someone knocking at the door.

"[Y/N] are you okay baby? What's that noise i hear there, who are you talking to?" It was your father. He never really liked Zayn and if he saw him here, he would've probably kill him.

"Zayn, go quickly into my closet. Hurry!!" you whispered to him as he went there. You opened the door.

"Hi daddy! I was just talking on the phone with Becca."

"Oh okay sweety! Now lets get you back in bed, it's pretty late."

"Dad. I'm not nine you know..."

"Yeah i know, but you'll always be my little girl."

"I love you daddy!"

"I love you too sweety." He said as he kissed you in your forehead and walked outside.

After he left you locked the door and opened the door of your closet. Zayn hugged and kissed you.

"You're such a 'little daddy's girl' you know?" Zayn joked.


"Whaat? Like you aren't? Haha!" 

"Stop it!!" You screamed as he started to tickle you.

"Zayn! Stop it, my dad will cme again if he hear something!"

"Okay, okay. Do you know that i love you?"

"Yeah, i love you too Zayn! But you need to go now!"

"Let me stay tonight! I'm afraid to sleep alone.." He made a puppy face.

"Zayn.. I don't want my dad to kill you.."

"Ugh okay!! I'll leave.. - he frowned - Bye baby!  I love you so much!"

"I love you too babe! Call me when you get home."

"Of course!" He kissed you and sneaked our of your window again while tripping over the flowers down while you laughed.  

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