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"Here we fucking go."

FIONA HARRINGTON LET OUT a loud groan at the sound of her alarm. "Fiona! Time to get up, let's go!" Steve Harrington yelled as he knocked on the younger girls door.

Letting out a sigh, the girl rolled over to face her alarm before hitting it making it stop. The girl got out of bed tiredly, making her way over too her bathroom.

Looking into the mirror, she sighed. Her dark hair was a mess and her eye bags were getting more visible by the day. She made her way over too the shower, turning it on she stripped herself of her clothes before hopping into it.

After a few minutes, the girl got out of the shower and dried herself before getting dressed for the long boring day ahead. She got dressed into a random oversized band t-shirt, baggy jeans and her very worn out black converse.

She put on a few rings before applying some eyeliner. She left hair natural curly hair as it was, not having any energy to do anything with it.

The teen quickly threw on a flannel before walking out her room. Walking downstairs she saw Steve waiting for her. "Took your time." Steve joked before giving her smile earning a small smile in response.

"Breakfast?" The slightly older boy asked, nodding his head over too the toaster. "Pass." Fiona responded as she grabbed her back pack.
"Ready to go?" Steve asked the younger girl who nodded her head before the two made their way out the door.

Fiona sighed as they pulled up outside of the school. "You don't have to go if you don't want too." Steve told the girl as she looked over at him.

"It's fine. I'll survive. Plus I don't want to bother you and Robin at work again." Fiona told the boy with a small smile making him smile back. "You sure?"

"Positive." Fiona smiled again before grabbing her bag and getting out the car. Steve rolled down the car window before speaking, "Have a fun day at school!"

"I'll try." Fiona laughed as the boy drove away making her immediately stop smiling before facing the school.

"Here we fucking go." Fiona mumbled under her breathe before putting on her headphones and blasting Cherry Bomb in her ears.

The girl followed the crowd who were currently walking too the gym, hoping that the teacher who was talking to the students wouldn't notice her.

"Fiona!" The girl stopped in her tracks, looking over too her side before taking off the headphones. "I've noticed your grades having been dropping recently."

"Is everything okay?" The teacher asked gently earning a sigh for the girl, "Everything's perfect." She forced a smile before walking away.

Fiona walked too the gym, not bothering to say hi to the ginger haired girl who was walking beside her.

The two girls walked late into the gym, over too their friends. "Look, I'm not saying my girlfriend is better than yours. It's just that Suzie's, like, a certified genius." Dustin yelled too Mike over the crowd of yelling people.

They were currently at a basketball game which was being held in their school gym. The cheerleaders were busy preforming in front of everyone making the crowd yell.

"Hey Fi!" Dustin yelled over the noise of loud people earning a big smile, "Hey Dusty!"

The cheerleaders finished making the whole gym yell and cheer. Just then the basketball ball players ran our making the crowd yell even louder.

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