Chapter 1: Who Are You?

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Wilbur doesn't like being a prince.

Or, maybe he should rephrase. He likes being a prince, but he absolutely loathes the duties that come along with it.

Day after day, he had lessons to attend to that "help" him prepare for one day ruling. Day after day, he tries relentlessly to avoid the majority of said lessons, often hiding out in the castle's greenhouse to do so.

Also day after day, he's scolded by his father and advisors for "avoiding his fate" or whatever.

The prince would much rather be writing and playing music than listening to endless lectures and studying books that are older than the dirt itself.

It wasn't as if his hiding spot hadn't been found, however. His younger brother, Tommy, had found it with ease. Wilbur had to swear him and a few of the royal servants into secrecy in order to protect his hideaway.

Aside from that, he gets a lot of quiet time if he's there. The servants have started ignoring him aside from polite greetings. Sometimes Wilbur would catch them dancing out of the corner of his eye whenever he played. It makes him smile, although he won't ever tell them that he notices.

Wilbur chuckles when he notices a few of them, yet again, taking a break from their tasks to momentarily dance. They're just quiet enough so that he wouldn't notice if he hadn't been paying attention specifically.

He continues strumming at his instrument leisurely, enjoying the warmth of the greenhouse and the slight breeze coming through the door leading out to the main garden.

It's peaceful for a while. There's no one yelling at him, no one telling him to clog his brain with nonsense. Wilbur relaxes for a while as soft music comes from his guitar.

Eventually though, Tommy's sudden appearance ruins his tranquility. The boy skids to a halt in front of him out of no where, causing Wilbur to strum a flat sounding note.

"Hey Wilbur!" His brother hops up onto the empty bench seat beside him. "What'cha doin'?"

"Enjoying my quiet time, child," Wilbur responds fondly. "What are you doing here?"

"Dad wants to see you," Tommy tells him. "Well, actually he wants to see all of us. It isn't all about you,"

"Tell him I'm busy studying his dumb books," The elder prince grumbles.

"He already knows your ditching today, Wil. Not much I can tell him to cover for you," Tommy replies. "Also it seemed pretty important,"

Wilbur refrains from any cursing and rises from the bench. "Well if it's 'pretty important' then I guess we just have to go,"

"I'm sure it's gonna be fine. Probably just more lecturing,"

"Oh lovely. My favorite time of day. The lecture,"

Tommy laughs and hurries a few paces ahead. "Can't be worse than when I knocked that super old vase with a baseball,"

"No, it can definitely be worse," Wilbur mutters.

Tommy laughs and continues on talking as they make their way though the castle. Unlike the greenhouse staff, the servants mainly working inside keep to themselves. A few of them politely bow their heads when they cross paths with the royals, and Wilbur and Tommy return the gesture with their own polite greetings.

"Dad called for you guys too?"

The pair pauses as Techno, the eldest of the three, joins their group.

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