99 Ways to Save a Life

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1. Love - love everyone and everything

2. Listen - listen to the people around you

3. Breathe - breath deeply, in and out

4. Imagine - imagine your future and the good impact you could have on life

5. Let it go - let go of what you can't change

6. Believe - believe you have no limits

7. Forgive - always forgive people

8. Hold still - don't just to conclusions

9. Hold close - hold your loved ones close to you

10. Amaze yourself - do as much as you can to amaze yourself, you'll never know what will come out of it

11. Remember - remember all the good things in your life? Ya that's most important!

12. Make yourself secure - take away all the bad and evil.

13. Make everyone secure - don't hurt anyone and always protect.

14. Take it back - take back what ever you say.

15. Let it go - let go of it.

16. Dream - dream of your future, and the life you could have

17. Fear - fear people because usually when you fear something you stay away, but never fear your life.

18. Talk to someone - it's always helpful to talk to someone you can trust.

19. Don't lie - don't lie! It could lead to good or bad things in life

20. Don't pretend - don't be "fake" people will like you for who you are

21. Trust yourself - trust your decisions

22. Cry - cry it out, it's a good way to release

23. Accept - accept yourself for who you are and who your going to be.

24. Don't hurt yourself - don't cut your wrists an font do drugs

25. Don't hurt anyone - it's what it says, don't hurt anyone

26. Keep moving - keep moving forward with your life never back

27. Regret - regret the bad decisions you have made and then make then better

28. Forget - forget your regrets

29. Make peace - make peace with yourself and others

30. Make love - make love with someone as in find someone you truly love it may take sometime but you will find the right person

31. Banish wars - get rid of the fights around you because there only gonna make things worse

32. Banish hate - get rid of your hate!

33. Be free - there are no limits

34. Feel free - feel like there's no limits

35. Stand still - stand your ground!

36. Don't be scared of death - don't be scared of yourself dying of devilish stunts you pull

37. Have faith - have faith in you

38. Admire - admire the good things all around you

39. Stand strong - you must ALWAYS stay strong

40. Surrender - surrender to the hatred and and war because if you don't it could only make things worse

41. Dance - dance it out

42. Smile - always some it lightens the mood

43. Laugh - laughter is good for your sol

44. Break - break away from it all

45. Touch - touch your inner self

46. Have secrets - have things you won't tell others and have a good reason for it

47. Share secrets - share the ones that are burning to get out that won't hurt others

48. Know secrets - know secrets so you know who you can talk to

49. Relieve

50. Don't lie to yourself

51. Release

52. Run - run from it

53. Learn - learn the goods in life

54. Leave - leave the bads in life

55. Trust others - trust fall

56. Question - question your decisions

57. Be kind

58. Keep your memories - keep them safe so you never forget them

59. Don't forget

60. Kiss

61. Hug

62. Scream out - release the anger inside if you by screaming

63. Be true - be true to yourself an others

64. Admit

65. Live - live your life

66. Release the fear

67. Secure - secure yourself with the others around you

68. Take in - take in the advice given to you

69. Think - think before you act

70. Help - help others that way they can help you

71. Walk - walk off the bad

72. Sit - sit and think

73. Lay - lye down and sleep

74. Quit - quit your bad habits

75. Friends - keep them close to you

76. Straight - don't do drugs and don't drink under aged

77. Proud - be proud of who you are

78. Don't hide - don't hide your true self

79. Don't worry - don't worry about a thing

80. Relax - breath!

81. Relationships - it's either love or forget

82. Stay positive - it makes you and everyone happy

83. Support you - support your own decisions

84. Support others - support other people's decisions

85. Don't be scared to love - it's ok to love someone

86. Open up - open up to others

87. It gets better - it always will get better

88. Live

89. LIve

90. LIVe

91. LIVE

92. live your life it's yours not anyone else's

93. Don't listen- don't listen to all the people who hate on you

94. Ignore - ignore the hatters

95. Play - do something fun

96. Light - never dark

97. Skip - skip it

98. Put it away - put away anything that can harm you

99. Say goodbye

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