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And so it begins...

I will try to do my best to avoid personal stuff as much as possible.

If I don't say something you would like to know then too bad so sad.


Name: Zoey. (No way in hell I'll say my actual name)

Height: 5'10

Sex: Female

Race: Hispanic

BirthD: July 23rd

Languages: English, Spanish, French, and a little Russian.

Weight: 140ish last time I checked.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Pronouns: she/her, toaster/helicopter


- Writing/reading

- pizza

- being lazy

- porn/hentai

- wine

- video games

- working out

- arguments

- toys.....;)

- Wattpad (some what)


- annoying people

- whiners

- politics

- onions (kys)

- Drama

- writers block

- homophobic people (also kys)

- Twitter

- eGo

- Wattpad (some what)

Facts bout lil' ol' me

- I'm good at writing smut. (Or so I think)

- I'm gay. Well, bisexual, but I lean more towards females so yea...

- I'm a pervert.

- I get easily amused

- I like to be social, so I could talk for hours if not stopped.

- I'm a bit of a hypocrite...

- I have short term memory loss. Who diss?

- I'm sleep deprived :D

- favorite colors are Maroon, Black, Gold, Blue, and Green.

- I have a fetish for futa stuff...ye.

- I'm very opening. I'll literally say my deepest secret without thinking about it. (So don't try to take advantage of me I'm so small and weak D;)

- I like food.

- I have abs of steel.


And that's all she wrote folks...I think at least.
Can't think of other things. Probably will change a few things later.

Ahem...but like I said before, I hate talking about myself, and absolutely hate talking about my personal stuff. But I guess I made this so peeps see that just like all you guys, I'm also a living human with lungs, heart, tits, and all that otha stuf.
And also because I lost a bet :D

Fuck u - Sadie

Anywho, if you have any questions maybe, or friendly feedback (of sum sort) feel free to say it here!

No I will not answer if I feel like the question is too personal...or weird.

Do as you will..

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