Niall imagine-Fight

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Your P.O.V

I was sitting in the kitchen alone..eating cookies, It was 9:34p.m., Liam had told me to stay and relax and blah blah .., he says its not healthy to constantly get drunk..Lucky for him, I wasn't in the mood to argue so I did what I was told and stayed back. But I wasn't completely alone, Niall stayed back as well because of the same reason .. I honestly don't know where he is, but whatever.

..Silence filled the air..

"I could be partying right now ..but NOO I have to stay here and eat cookies in fun!!.hang out with Niall he'll be fun he said .."

• • •


"Hi Niall -.-"

"How wasn't that scary?!" His accent sexier then ever.

"I dunno..but nice try" I said patting him on the back as I hopped off my chair.

"You wanna do something ..? Like watch a mov-" as soon as I turn around I see him devour my last two cookies..


He looked up in shame..

"I'm sorry" he apologized through his mouth full of food.

"Those were the last of my cookies and you ate them.!!!" I yell

"Oh.." He said, after swallowing it all down.

"Oh?!?!...ohmygawd! don't talk to me" I ran upstairs slamming the door behind me, hard so he knows how mad I was..I plop on the bed..not knowing what I was planing to do..

• • •


"What?" I ask, sitting up.

"I'm sorry..I hadn't known those cookies were that precious to you..You want me to ask Paul to run out and get some more?" Niall asked.

I open the door and saw him standing there,looking down with hands in his pockets. He looks up and a smile grew..

"It's okay .." I assure him

"You sure?"

"Yeah, their just cookies anyways" I shrugg

"What are you talking about?! You're the one who flipped out whe- nevermind" he stopped himself once I raised an eyebrow.

"You still wanna watch a movie?" He asks


"Kay,come..." He holds out his hand for me to grab.., I smile and take his offer..we went downstairs still holding hands..he takes me to the kitchen and tells me to sit..

"So what do you want to eat?" He asks.

"Umm, just get some popcorn for us to share" I say

"That's it?" He questions, obviously wanting more then just popcorn.

"How bout some ice cream, Sour Patch Kids, cola, crisps, fruit snacks, pretzels, carrots , annnnddd.... Lets just add in some fruits .. You know, to be healthy.." He lays out all the food in front of me and smiles.

"Are you trying to get me fat, Horan?!?"I asked sarcastically

" do need a lil more meat on're a wee bit small"

"I try! I really do! No matter how much I eat I can't seem to gain any weight" I argue

"Maybe you have that disease.. What's it called? Uhh ..... God! It's gunna kill know that disease where you're lik-"

"Can we not talk about that right now?'re makein me feel..bleh"

"Oh sorry.."

"It's fine, so, shall we eat?"

"We shall!"

We skip to the couch with all our food and Niall popped in the movie "Notebook". Once it started it was hard to hear from Niall's munching. We cuddled and soon enough I felt my eyes starting to droop. Before I faded off to sleep I felt a little kiss on my forehead, which made me smile like an idiot

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