Chapter 16: The New Wiccan

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The cops arrived at the scene in no time. One of the neighbors called the cops when they saw Ned's mother going crazy outside. They had to take her away as well, to a relative or something maybe because she started pulling her hair out excessively.

Liam watch the police cover up Ned's body and take him away. They had questioned Liam for hours but Liam told the cops that he hadn't seen anyone go in. He know he did but he knows it wasn't anyone human who would do such a thing.

Liam went home. He sat in the living room afraid. Was that waiting for him as well? Was he soon to be brutally murdered and trapped with kids and mirrors.

It was late at night and Liam's parents were asleep. Liam sat still on the couch with the lights on looking at the mirror on the wall.

Scarlett walked from out of the shadows in the kitchen. Liam got scared and he thought he'd have a heart attack at any moment.

Scarlett looked different. She was wearing a nice white dressed. It looked brand new. It had ribbony black designs on it. She was wearing make up, or so it seemed. Her lips were dark red in color and her hair was covering one side of her face and the rest was in the back.

She smiled at Liam and sat next to him. "Are you okay?" She asked looking concered.

Liam tried to avoid looking at her. He looked at the mirror. "Ned was murdered." He said.

Scarlett nodded. "Was that your friend?" She asked sounding sorrowful.

Liam nodded. "Yes..." He said. "He was murdered. But not by a human. It couldn't have been."

"Do you think it could have been, Thomas?" She asked.

Liam started to feel cold and because of that, he looked at the mirror. He saw himself again staring  back at him. The other Liam looked at him and shook his head slowly.

"No Scarlett..." Liam said beginning to shake. "I think...I think it was you." He said standing up.

Scarlett had a confused look on her face. She got up and stepped towards him. "It's what he wants you to believe Liam." She said putting both of her hands onLiam's shoulders.

Scarlett was so closed to Liam, as if she was going to kiss him. Liam backed away quickly.

Liam tripped over the table and fell to the ground. He looked at the mirror. He saw an arm reaching out. Then a leg then eventually all of the body was out. It was the anit Liam.

At first it ran towards Scarrlet but she disappeared. He then walk towards Liam and smiled.

"Why did you kill Scarlett?" Liam whispered. However, Liam started to feel paralyzed once again.



Liam watched as Scarlett grabbed Thomas by the arm and dragged him into the house. Liam followed them. Scarlett had shut the door and locked it.

"How could you not bring it!" She said.

"I tried to get it. I broke in but when I got inside of the room he caught me stealing. One of the kids told. It wasn't my fault." Thomas swallowed hard. "He said he was going to send me away. To the unknown."

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