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In the world before, there were various people, people with different characters and emotions,different realities and people who had so much to discover about themselves .In a society like that, alot could go wrong, and it did.
As the world grew different opinions were introduced everyone wanted a certain kind of freedom and most of them were willing to fight for it.This gave birth to extremists, fanatics, psychopaths, sociopaths and even the normal people who just tried to fit in society contributed in some way to it's destruction because all these so called leaders and freedom fighters were nothing without thier followers.
And when a war fuelled by religion, racism, xenophobia, anger, freedom and the thirst for destruction broke out it had gotten to a point it couldn't be controlled and then the people of higher society fought, won and took over, there were the rich they had power, the ones who were consumed by greed for more and more power,the ones who were worse than the freedom fighters who paraded themselves higher than everybody else. In some way it was funny how they thought thier own thinking was superior but truth is they're all blind. They all destroyed society and made it a million times worse than before. Presently if someone were to hear my thoughts surely I would be hanged or worse taken to the ministry, here in this new world,they would replace me and my family we'd be gone. Gone was a term people like me used to address a missing person. In order to make it as brainwashing as possible they replaced you and your family from society. Most people turned a blind eye to it but there were people who noticed people, who knew, people like me.
I've spent so much time analysing and observing this new society and the changes scare me and I try to look as unknowing as possible, if they sensed my paranoia I could earn my family and I a ticket to the ministry and that was a one way trip which we would never return.
The higher society recognised only four different kinds of people, the activists, these were the people who were bent on keeping society steady, the people who still tried to bring false peace in a place where everything is in disarray, there were mostly rulers and members of higher society.

Then there's the anarchists these were the exact opposite of the activists they believed chaos was the order of the day, they fought for everything evil, at least that's what the activists say.

Then there's the optimists these were the people of middle society, the ones who blindly followed anyone,the ones who kept both the activists and anarchists in power without even realising it, then the last recognised people in the society are my people we are called the realists or at least we used to be,after the first commander referred to us as the rats of society in her last campaign,the name just kinda stuck. we were the rats because,we had cut ourselves away from their falsity, because we refused to be interested in the daily dealings of a crumbling society that's what made us different, we were only recognised as the people whom everyone dreaded to become the lowest of the lowest.

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