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❝ eye contact: how souls catch on fire ❞

Adonis sighed as he pushed open the daycare's door, relishing in the warmth that rushed towards him. Tightening his grip around Onyx's hand, he pushed his hair out of his eyes. He bent down to Onyx's height and smiled at his younger brother pulling him into a hug.

"I love you," Adonis murmured. If he could, he would have taken him with him to school. He hated leaving his brother alone with the other rowdy kids at the daycare and Onyx being shy didn't help either.

"I love you more Addy", Onyx said tugging on the tuft of hair at the nape of his neck, a habit of his since he was a baby. Adonis winced at his tight grip.

Pulling apart, they locked their pinkies together and gave them a small kiss. Onyx smiled running off to put his bag in his locker, shyly walking to his best friend Adryan and tapping his shoulder.

Before he could leave, a teacher was rushing towards him, clutching her necklace.

"Adonis, a second please?", she panted, out of breath.

Jaw clenched, he turned towards her raising an eyebrow at her flushed face. He glanced at his watch, he only had twenty minutes to get to school and he had promised Asher he wouldn't be late.

"Yes", he grumbled, voice hoarse.

Shuffling through the papers in her hand, she handed him a flyer. "We are looking for some helpers for the morning daycare classes. Would you be able to help?", she asked, fluttering her eyelashes.

"No", he deadpanned, turning around to leave, throwing the flyer into the bin at the entrance. They knew he went to school for fucks sake.

Pushing open the door, he wrapped his arm around his body; a lame attempt to keep out the cold. After living in London all his life, you would've thought he'd remember to carry a jacket. Reaching his car, he turned on the heat getting lost in SZA's voice.

"Shut the fuck up, you slut muffin", Asher yelled at his other best friend Leon. "You can't just bribe people into giving you extra muffins".

"Aww, Ash. Are you jealous because I didn't save you any? Don't worry, I won't forget next time", Leon replied cheekily, pinching Asher's cheeks. Asher blushed but smacked Leon's hand away turning to Adonis.

"Are you working this afternoon?", he asked. Adonis nodded.

Adonis worked at a famous barbershop in Knightsbridge. The pay was outstanding, so he stayed, otherwise the bratty customers they had constantly whining at him would've made him leave. Ages ago.

"See you guys. I've got Art", he grumbled, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

"Bye, love you", he heard Leon yell, as he turned the corner.

Glancing down at his Dr Martens, he weaved his way through the crowded hallways of St Paul's Grammar. He attended a private school and even though his father had paid off the rest of his high school tuition, he'd always wonder what a public school would be like. But he couldn't leave those two idiots alone.

Adonis despised school. He hated the rumours that whispered through hallways, the inquisitive looks everyone gave him as he passed, the large huddles of people blocking the hallways and most importantly the girls that constantly threw themselves at him.

Entering the classroom he rolled his eyes as all talking around him ceased, eyes watching him as he took his seat next to the usual window he sat at.

The entirety of the school saw him as unapproachable. He was only seen talking to Asher and Leon and walked with a permanent scowl etched on his face which faded around Onyx. 

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