The Talk

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Her dad-"who the hell are you?" Says drunkly

(Iron man to reference😅)

Her dad-"your not Natalie you look like scarlett johansson who looks like a rat....why are you with my daughter?" he say drunkly
Scarlett whispers-"well that's nice to know I look like a rat" "she was crying an---"
Her dad intrupted her-"why?"
Scarlett-"Because......Because of you, You have been hitting her I've seen the bruses and your drunk in case you didn't know"
Her dad-"BullSh¡£"
Scarlett-"NO its not you have been hurting a 13 year old and your never going to see her again I'm taking her home with me where she is safe" Scarlett was really scared to talk to him but she did she didn't know what he would do it her. Scarlett looked at his hand he was holding a beer and then she looked back up at him *Punch*
Y/Ns dad punched Scarlett in the face Y/N saw so she ran over to see if she was
okay Scarlett couldn't get up because Y/N dad foot was on her back but scarlett used her black widow moves. Y/N saw the women use black widow moves Y/N loves balck widow so much she really lived marvel expestaly scarlett johansson, scarlett grabbed Y/N to the car they quickly went in the car and scarlett drove off

Scarlett-"Hey are you okay?"
Y/N-"Yeah are you?"
Scarlett-"yeah I'm okay" she says while whiping her tears
Y/N-"hey I never got to ask what your name is what is your name?"
Scarlett-"my name is scarlett....Scarlett johansson"
Y/N-"wait.....Scarlett johansson like as in The scarlett johansson black widow?"
Scarlett chuckles
Y/N-"OH MY GOD! How did I never recognizer you I'm a massive fan of you wait....ohhhhh I knew I recognised your eyes some"
Scarlett-"I glad" Y/N laughs scarlett smiled.
Y/N-"Are you okay....from my dad?"
Scarlett-"Yeah I'm okay it don't hurt so don't worry" says truthfully

Scarlett stops the car

Scarlett-"come on let's get you cleaned up"

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